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– I’ve been looking into Reflexology, cuz it’s interesting and simple, yet so useful. Backed with science, I think it complements the techs I’m trying to integrate within my practice. For example, when I meditate, I clasp my hand a certain way to include reflexology suggestions. 

– also been looking into adding breathing techniques in my practice, need to find a definite source and start picking from it. 

– Toying with the concept of selecting an elite cadre of spirits to work with, instead of going through grimoires after grimoires. 


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– decided to focus on synchronizing myself with “chaotic” energy.. not dark per se but just chaos.. this energy felt soo familiar that it was scary, and I felt such a quick assimilation with my mental and spiritual body. 

– at one point, I was almost overwhelmed. chaotic thoughts circled around me and the energy pulsed and got so aggressive that I could feel it manifesting, a something from within me (like a shadow self that was sleeping). that was a very interesting experience. 


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– been doing some more energy work, trying to work with different energies. it feels like my sensitivity is off post-diabetes/blood pressure diagnosis. so rusty. 

– cleaning up my materia/gear, throwing alot out, even pending projects. trying to simplify. 

– I must recognize that I must do this slowly again,  build a solid foundation rather than rush it. 


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I had an odd dream this morning, odd because I don’t normally dream, and also the content. 

I dreamt walking with trove of people in a nice spring weather, to somewhere, and I saw an old friend of mine. He was looking very elderly and I started having a conversation. Then he walked off with somebody to another path, and my dream ended. 

I thought about it while having a cigarette at work and it made me sad, was that a premonition, just a random dream, or a goodbye? 


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– tried energy work yesterday for the first time in a while, it was a little weird, felt like things are not as optimized as it was; gathering and circulating wasn’t hard, just felt a little off. 

– ankles are starting to feel better, way better that Saturday. just did a little reinforcing spell and it sorted itself out the next day. that’s why I kinda feel that my spellcasting is still there, just the parts are a little rusty. like jumping in a bike for a first time in a while. 

– just been contemplating on the whole Myer-Brigg personality test. I’ve been thinking that I’m an INTJ by default for the most part but when my buddy explains it, he makes it sounds like how I perceive INTJ are completely different from his definition. 

JUNE 2017 – M.I.T’s

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aka Most Important Things.

  • meditate more.
  • do more specialised energy work.
  • SHADEs utilisation.
  • regain physical prowess.
  • more Lucifer work.

some other important things that needs to get done.

  • setup shielding around the house again.
  • room cleansing.
  • re-empower sorcerer box.
  • create another one
  • minimise tools.

JUNE 2017

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I’ve turned this blog into a bullet journal format, since that is the style i’m also journal’ing in real life. It’s just been a breath of fresh air that I decided to convert this blog as well, since I change it up every year or so anyways.¬†