In my previous post, I was asked by Simon;

Developing a sense, intuitively and/or via divination, is something that I’m learning a lot about… Sometimes the hard way. How about you?

I was just about to start writing a reply but I felt like this would go on in lengths so I decided to write a post about it.

“Sense”, in a traditional definition, is an important skill that is part of a bigger tree of skill set that is called “Wisdom”.

Wisdom is something I constantly strive to acquire, at a very young age I believe. If I remember correctly, it was a saying, something akin to; “do not seek knowledge but the wisdom to use it”. As well, I was always fascinated with people who I thought had wisdom. In a sense, I more of a sage than a sorcerer but I do like to get my hands dirty.

Sense in general is learned via trial and error for the most part and reinforced by knowledge.

As a young intellect, my book smarts was good enough to get me pass certain things. (For example, I was being somewhat bullied when I was young kid so to fix that, I decided to read as much martial arts books as I can to learn the skills to defend myself – that eventually started my life long romance with martial arts but at the time, those skills that I studied helped me defend myself enough times).

Once I hit high school – I decided to start learning and experiencing the practical side of the world, the side where theory gets thrown out the window when push comes to shove. I would go on “adventures” no sane high school student would go, met some interesting people, and generally had some fun times.

Then I eventually moved on to a little bit of psychology, philosophy and philosophers, NLP, social skills, some mentalism, creative thinking. I learned more about combat and combat situations, how certain situations will play out, survival training, networking, science, logistics, shady underground businesses, etc etc. I consume information as long as I find it interesting and I got in trouble alot. Even TV helped out alot as it exposed me to situations I wouldn’t think I would be exposed to but still gave me a reference point in my memory that I can go back to if needed.

Doing all of those things helped me understand the world and people in general, I can honestly say that I have a sharp sense on things and I use this sense to evaluate situations and play out the most likely of results. It has been a gift, and has been a curse at times (I’ve been known to constantly evaluate certain mistakes to a point where I couldn’t sleep anymore and would stay up all night thinking of things I could’ve done better) but for the most part, this is how I see the world these days.

Mind you, that’s just a part of the whole picture. Gaining wisdom is a long and constant process and I am a student of the art forever. It’s like playing chess, sometimes I’ll have my bad days where I am completely beaten and some days, everything is flowing and I can see moves ahead which eventually will lead me in victory.


LIFE: In general, I’ve been sick for the last couple of months. I suspected that it’s alot more of the mental and physical side of things, instead of anything magickal of sorts. Especially these past few weeks, my mindset has been boggled/clouded due to the happenings in my workplace.

It’s basically a struggle between happiness & necessity and I feel like I should just let it flow and let the scenario dictate the outcome instead of me forcing a decision.

MAGICK: Right now, I’m planning to create a sorcerer power bag, adjust my daily schedule and work on certain entities.

NOTE: During my mental fluctuations these past few days, I noticed that it’s easy to forget who you are when under duress. Things I normally wouldn’t care about, I started caring about. Certain actions I would be normally doing, I seemed to have forgotten. I was just glad I had someone that really knew me and reminded me of my old self.


I’ve gotten sick again, due to the weather and busy at both ends of the spectrum (muggle and magick wise; work, work, clients, practice, living life) and I know it is my fault, I still think I am a young guy but contrary to my self delusion, this body has had some years on it and has probably gone to more abuse than most human at my age has – so it needs a little bit more TLC than it is used to.

The sad part is, I take much better care of my car than my own body, lol – go figure.

What I found interesting was my train of thought on how to alleviate this matter?

What kind of elements  should I work with? What order should I use them? Should I start making some headway with entities that govern healing? What are my guardian entities doing? Should I create some magickal automatic nano-magick-techs to help with this? etc etc.

Then it occurred to me, why am I wasting my time thinking of such an over-complicated solution to this issue when really, a simple muggle way (aka change my dietary habits, which sucks BTW) that I should’ve been doing to begin with was the answer.

I think everyone, especially mages, has run into this kind of situation – it’s like a running joke with all of us but the…bad habit of trying to find the solution by going through a complicated maze is something is a practice that is somewhat inherent with our kind, especially in the WMT world.

The point is….well, this quote will explain it better, lol. (Bonus if you can figure it out without cheating, aka Google).

“Its like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”


taken from WIKIPEDIA…..

A fad is any form of behavior that develops among a large population and is collectively followed enthusiastically for a period of time, generally as a result of the behavior being perceived as popular by one’s peers or being deemed “cool” by social media.[1] A fad is said to “catch on” when the number of people adopting it begins to increase rapidly. The behavior will normally fade quickly once the perception of novelty is gone.[1]

I think since I’ve re-activated myself on the online occult community and started wandering around the blog-o-sphere as well, I’ve seen enough fads bloom and wither.

I remember my first outing in the world wide net; chaos magick was SUPER BIG, everyone and their mum was a chaote, I probably read Grant Morrisons POPMAGICK a zillion times, just to glean that nugget of knowledge in there.

Then I took a really long journey of self introspection (aka flung myself into the world bat crazee), and when I came back – the occult online community was flourishing; blogs were in, everyone was blogging, forums where everywhere, website about every or any type of tradition/system is up and running, hoodoo & ATR was super big as well.

Now, from a recent post I’ve seen from a fellow; Hekate & St Cyprian are the newest “IT” fads we all have to work with.

Personally, I stay away from fads – it’s not something that I do just for the sake of rebelling against the counter culture (rebelling against the rebellion…..huh?). I really just follow where the wind takes me and most of the time, it’s away from what people think are cool.

I prefer to be the trendsetter, lol.

For example, I haven’t seen the full series of “Battlestar Galactica”, haven’t seen “Lost”, never seen an episode of “Walking Dead”. The only show that I’ve watched that probably mainstream is “Game Of Thrones” but I do love the fantasy setting so….

I also stay away from internet occult celebrities, it’s just not my style – too flashy, I always prefer to be the guy in the shadows, the guy you know that’ll get it done. Also, I just don’t know if they are really legit or not, stories tend to take life on their own and grow into something big and FANTASTICAL.

Overall, fads bore me – I think they are just not cool. But don’t trust me on that, I watch old detective movies and wish I can drive to work w/ my horse and poncho, lol :D


On my journey to achieve mastery over the Great Work, I find myself going back to the basics of my practice, trying to see what new insights I can glean from them from a perspective of someone who is not so new anymore.

WITCHCRAFT gave me my beginnings, this is where it all began.

CHAOS MAGICK gave me philosophy and a mindset on how to approach things.

HERMETICS gave me my foundation, my worldview of things above, below, and beyond.

So for now, I’ve resorted to reading what I think are the staples of these systems. The Complete Book of Witchcraft from Buckland, Oven Ready Chaos by Hine, and IIH by Bardon. I hope that by utilizing the knowledge from these books and practices, I will be able to have a somewhat complete, and working semblance of a system of sorcery that one day, I may be able to share with others.


Brand new year, so what kind of shenanigans can we get into? What kind of level can we reach? :D Very excited about this year, if you can’t tell, I feel like this is the year where I will accomplish alot of things.

I have no actual updates so far this year but I do want to work on a couple of this ASAP…

  • REWORK MY ALTAR: Clean it up, make sure that anything that’s down there are there for a reason.
  • CREATE A COUPLE OF DEVOTIONAL PRACTICES: For the entities of NAP, for Lucifer most likely, local genii, Master Bardon, a couple of goetic entities that I want to start working with.
  • MASTER THE NEXT STEP IN I.I.H: Rework and reevaluate where I am at this point.

This is my bare bones goals for this year. For the most part, I will be using most of my magick to boost my musical success, similar to what I did a couple of years ago with great success I might add


As we say goodbye to 2014, and say hello to 2015. These are the times where one must really sit down and think of what they want to happen in the coming year, especially for us practitioners. Not only do we have to do our obligatory magick in thanks to our helpers this year, we also need to plan out what we need to accomplish and to whom do we need to bring in attention our needs.

Personally, 2014 has been the year of planning, laying down the seeds of what I want to achieve. Not only for me but for my family as well. While there wasn’t alot of magick on that year, there was alot of behind the scenes workings that helped me to my path.

As humans, we need goals to excel and reach. I myself is always in dire need of time (oh how I wish I can be immortal, lol) as I have many a goals on the plate, and many more I’d want to achieve if I had the time and resources to do so. Alas, I need to simplify to reach the most important one.

So to all my people out there; find a goal, plan to reach it, squeeze every effort you have in your body and grab a hold of it, take the good and bad that comes with it, and bask at the thought that you are actually doing something with your life.