Wacky Wednesdays – Anti HIV, 432 HZ, Creativity Boost

I occasionally watch Bill Maher, that’s how I catch up on US political discussions for the most part and I saw a video of Bill Maher interviewing a Dr Sam Chachoua, he’s been doing research on creating vaccines against HIV and etc.

His theory is that there are “illness” already in nature that has the properties to take out other “illnesses”. Basically, sending out the Suicide Squad against the Legion Of Doom.

What I found interesting is how quickly people bash this idea, just check the Youtube comment sections for many a pearls. I understand one has to be skeptical about theories and alleged results but to shut down the idea of a person completely. I mean, sure, the guy can be a charlatan but unless it has been scientifically proven that IT DOESN’T WORK or a FAKE – then I would think the better way to go about it is to keep an open mind, rather than quickly dismissing the matter.

I stumbled upon an article, which I found interesting because I am a musician and I am an eternal student of the art.

Basically, the general tuning standard for musical pitch is 440 HZ and that this was done to keep control of the masses by the world super elites. This frequency actually “hurts” a humans “energy” centers and stouts “development”.

It’s quite interesting, and there are some offshoots theories about how we live in an electromagnetic soup that has dire consequences, etc etc.

As a musician, whenever I always perform with my band, people ask me how it feels like; I explain to them that one feeling is that when you play and everything is in sync – it’s like the best “high” one can get. The other feeling is that when your band is playing so well that the frequencies, vibrations, etc create a wall of sound similar to a chorus of angels (for the lack of a better term).

These are the types of “events” I like to re-create when I’m playing and it’s interesting to play around with frequencies, see what I can use out of it.


I was reading this article and it reminded me of Jungs’ “synchronicity”.

I’ve always thought that riding the flow and synchronicity shared the same concepts and underlying process, might be even the same thing. Once I’ve read Crowleys idea of “True Will”, I’ve always believed that these ideas; riding the flow, syncronicity, the secret, or some magick techniques out there, are a by product, a side effect of following your true will.




I was reading an article about what kind of negative thoughts one would come across when they are trying to do their own thing, working on moving on their own path.

I thought I’d run through the points and see where I am at, lol…..

1. Feeling Isolated from Others: Definitely what’s going on. I feel like I am just not connecting with anyone at the moment, and even with the people I thought I connected with – taking a hard look at our connection, it’s not really that strong.

2. Having Difficulty Focusing on Tasks: For me, it’s more like thinking of a task – then actually doing it. My inner procrastination demon is going strong at the moment.

3. Feeling Restless and Anxious: This happens alot, especially when I am left with some time alone. Us introvert overthinkers gets killed with this issue.

4. Irritability at Those You Are Close To: It more has to do with #1. I just don’t think I am that close to people and putting it under heavy scrutiny, they are more of a hindrance than a positive in my life.

5. Feeling Gripping Fear at Times: I don’t think it’s “gripping” fear, more like alot of #3s’.

6. A New Tendency to Be Confrontational: This is more of my new 2016 thing. I’ve been so passive these past few years but I’m not really wired like that, I like being confrontational. It’s in many levels but my default actions is confrontational – just somewhere along the way, I just turned off that feature and became passive.

7. Becoming More Dissatisfied: A byproduct of what I am trying to accomplish.

8. Feeling Lost: Not really, I know what I want to do, just trying to make the best moves.

9. Feeling a Strong Desire to Be Alone More Often: Lol, I did this all the time already. I’m trying to break out of that shell. :D

10. Beginning to Question Your Friendships: Yup, because of the many reasons above. I can’t waste my time on people who do not know where they want to go. I am going somewhere so it’s either you’re in, or you’re out.

11. Feeling Intense Sadness: See #5.

12. Dreading the Future: Nope, more like excited.

13. Desiring for Things to Be Like They Used to Be: In my case, I could do with the balance of certain things.

14. Having Strange and Intense Dreams: While I have been having that, I don’t think it’s due to this….or maybe.

15. Desiring to Cut off Romantic Relationships: On my side, it’s the other side of the coin. I would like to have a strong deep relationship this time around. My issue is that I haven’t been able to find someone who can be patient with all the things I am in to (not that I have been looking hard, mind you) and my focus on my goals kind puts a hamper on the romantic side of things.

While I am excited to move forward, especially the type of person I am, I do like to “live” in my head for a while and it leads me to positive things, or negative things.

Recently, I’ve been thinking alot of negative things – not about myself, rather what I would like to do to certain people, lol. I realize this is something I will need to work on but at the moment, I am letting it slide. I’ve been a “good” boy for the past couple of years that I’ve forgotten how to be a “bad” boy – I need to drown myself in these feelings and actions, and hopefully, I actually learn something that I can integrate in my life.

Wacky Wednesdays – Ghost Stories, The Hellblazer & SYSTEMA

I do read a lot of wackiness around the world wired wyrd and I thought I’d start noting them down here; I mean might as well have a record of it somewhere and it could be…..educational…..

John Constantine is back with a new reiteration in DC called “Constantine, The Hellblazer”. This IP has had some issues with branching out to other mediums; the original series to me is still the best incarnation but the rest weren’t as bad as the purist out there make it to be. I enjoyed Keanu Reeves “Constantine” movie with all its’ fault, TV Hellblazer was as close to canon as it was ever going to be w/ all the TV network gimmicks it had in place (immortal Chas, lol). When Hellblazer was done, they put Constantine in a supernatural Justice League promptly named “Justice League Dark” – it was alright but not my cuppa.

Eventually they made it to this incarnation, a reboot of sorts; a much younger Constantine that I think is now in the modern 2016 (I saw him use a smartphone), and gone is the staple that is the trench coat (they gave him a jacket still). They are still using most of the ideas from the original canon, like all his friends keeps dying on him or that he was in a punk band before.

I’ve only read a couple of issues, and I think it has potential but the content is still so very “Disney lite” of effect.

The original series was sooooo grimey, it made me feel dirty reading the things he had to do but you know deep in your heart that he had to make the hard choice, and you’d probably would do it too.

That’s what is missing with the newer incarnations, the “dirt” in his soul – the acceptance of the character that knows he’s done some very bad things, and while he does try to make amends, it’s just wired in his system to be a shite. (I just didn’t feel it from the other incarnations, maybe Keanu was the closest but he specializes in being in pain, lol.)

P.S: I do miss Epiphany Greaves, I hope they bring her back – not Gemma so much…..

I’ve been watching this programme called “Paranormal Survivor”, I’ve seen most of season 2 and I am going to binge watch season 1.

It has been an interesting watch; some of the cases, I don’t understand the reason as to why they would make the decisions they would make but that’s just me.

There was this one case where an “demonic” entity followed a person to their house, and after a bunch of occurrences, the victim decided to call in the experts; the investigator and the medium showed the victim some techniques and did some preventative “smudging”.  The cleansing was not complete however and they were going to come back.

The events stopped for the victim but lo and behold, the entity followed the investigator and attacked her daughter by blinding her. They did a bunch of test on her and they found no physical reason and everything was fine.

Finally, the “normal” doctor commented if the investigator has “done” anything recently (C’mon, the muggle doctor was the one to clue you in? Your “profession” is a professional paranormal investigator? Seriously?). They got back the medium to work on her now and they got a message the entity to don’t come back – implying not to help the victim.

And guess what, they never did come back to finish the job. The only reason the victim was getting by was due to the techniques they taught her initially but seriously, that killed me so hard. Professionals my ass. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen you hear.

For the most part though, the cases and resolutions are on point and what I would expect from the victim, and the investigators they would hire. It’s a good watch to change the pace.

And finally, SYSTEMA.

I happen to stumble upon this recently. I’ve heard of the style of martial art before but never really got down deep on research on it.

It is very unique, striking techniques are the most abnormal out of all the traditions Ive seen but interesting, and would probably be effective. They have this power based but with a sort of finesse kinda way of going about it.

I feel like I can take a bunch of techniques off this system and add it to my own. I need more research on it though, I’ve watched a bunch of “lectures” on it but I haven’t found a good source of research to really go down on it.

And that is it for today.



I was watching one of those paranormal investigation TV shows the other day. They were doing an investigation on a house and they used the term “shadow man” to describe a ghost of a previous person trying to manifest itself onto the physical realm.

They went on to explain that “shadow people” on the other hand, are entities that were never human trying to manifest onto the physical realm.

Shadowman are described as looking like a normal shadow of a person while shadowpeople are described to be much bigger, foot taller and broader shoulders.

This was an interesting term I’ve never heard of but something that falls into what I’ve experienced beforehand.

I’ve limited experiences with ghost (or aka shadowman) and from what I’ve experienced, they were on the extreme side of things; either a full apparition showed up or no apparition but physical manifestation of some sort (alot of TK happening, I guess the professional paranormal investigators would call that a “poltergeist”).

Now, other worldly entities (aka shadowpeople) description is something that lines up, especially when I work with Lucifer (or other Chthonic entities) and I have to deal with his vassals. I don’t understand the logic behind the naming and terminology but it is interesting.


Since my period of previous soul searching, I’ve been slowly trying to find my way back to magick.. Not that I’ve lost the mojo but more so I’ve lost the muse – the excitement of it all.

To be fair, it’s not like I’ve seen all of what is to be seen but I’ve been doing this for a decade and a half or so now, and that all consuming drive to find “it” does have its up and downs and it has been down for a good couple of months now.

I can’t say it’s somethings’ fault, it’s a cumulative of alot of different things in my life that lead to this state; I don’t blame retrogrades or whatever – this was on me.

I’ve decided to move on – and get excited again.

I’ve decided to adopt some of my older’ish ways; the days where I was just having fun with magick, and didn’t take it soooo seriously. I get it, with great power comes great responsibility, but who’s to say I can’t have fun along the way.

I’m still going to keep working with IIH, and will prolly adopt 5 ish more books as a staple in my practice. I think I’m up to the point where I should stop trying to assimilate more information and refine the info that I have and make it into a viable system of practice for me.

I’m going to take ideas and inspiration towards the more “fringe” side of things.

It just feels like “magick” at the moment is too commercialized; you can be a guru, buy this and be one with your HGA, 5 easy courses and you can be part of the uber l33t too, etc etc – BLEAH!!! Maybe it’s the ol’ school hacker in me. That’s probably the fundamental reason why I can’t stomach these kinds, I mean I understand why one would do it but I don’t have to like it TBH. There was a recent article about if one is in the “music industry” or “music business”; music industry are the artistic types (like me) – the ones in for the music, music business is all about the business. That is what I feel like with magick; there’s magick industry, and there’s the magick business.

I’ll probably stop taking clients or students.

My apologies, this was a hard decision to make but I need to focus on myself now. I can still make suggestions and what not but personal coaching that I used to provide is not on the table any more.

To be fair, the magick side of things was not the only change I’ve made for myself; since time is a valuable asset for me, I’m only looking for jobs that are not time consuming, even if I have to take a hit on the money side of things. Music is becoming a focus for me again. I’ve changed my eating habits and starting training again.

I can already feel the changes within my body, I feel so much better now. Basically, human advancement is a thing I am focusing on now and I guess every aspect of myself is going into that direction. Some people do it with science, I’d like to do it with magick as well.


I’ve been slow to make my entries for this little project, as I am working on re-assessing my work with IIH lately, figuring out what step I am on now and working on revising my daily regime.

But with that said….

DAY 7, we had to work with poppet magick. I was never a fan of the western method of poppet magick, nothing to do with the technique mind you…more like, I was more freaked out about it (lol, folk magick in the Philippines also utilized doll magick but always in a negative way – I never heard good things about it growing up and I guess it stuck). I am more fond of the eastern way of poppet magick; wood or paper cutout that resembles a person, name and DOB.

I am no way an expert of this technique, I just gathered what I knew about it and tweaked it to my practice. As well  depending on what place you heard the technique from, the technique changes depending on the locale but the fundamentals are still the same.

I used this technique to do something for a client of mine.

DAY 8 involves charging a crystal or a stone. I worked with stones on this one. I did my yearly house cleansing and I decided to tie it all in to a stone in the vicinity of my house.

DAY 9 & 10; I ended up combining together. DAY 9 was to pick a herb or flower and DAY 10 was to brew a potion. I chose Ginger for this exercise since my “brother in law” has been sick lately, and I used it as a focal point for my potion (aka chicken noodle soup, lol)

And today is DAY 11, in which we have to choose a colour as a focal point. I think I will be using white as my focal colour. I’ve been re-balancing my energies manually but I think I will just go with the all purpose white for a couple of days to smoothen the process out.



DAY 5 & 6: Cord Magick & Clothing Enchantment

I kinda cheated, well not really, on this exercise and decided to kill 2 birds with one stone.

I decided to create a bracelet using cord magick, and since I will be wearing this bracelet for a certain amount of time – it falls under the criteria of clothing enchantment. Enchanting pieces of items is one of my favorite techs to use.

TBH, these 2 techniques reminded me of the days when I first started witchcraft; enchantment being one of my favorite techs to utilize, and cord magick was something I didn’t really work with. I am just naturally drawn to certain techniques than others and cord magick was just not one of those techs I was drawn to.

As with the theme of what I’ve been doing with these exercises, it is all about self improvement. I don’t want to discuss what I actually worked on but little hint is that I used a black cord for my work.

Also, I’m actually pretty alright with braiding, it’s a little known fact and surprises people since I’m such a manly man, lol.

I’m quite proud of the result.