Whats New Kitty Cat?

I’ve been out of touch with the whole occult scene for a decade now – what’s new and exciting these days?

The last time I was active here, it was pretty bustling – lots of new faces, lots of new magickal systems, lots of players basically. But now, it seems so quiet? Where do I go to get inspired?

[edit] A lot of the old haunts I used to hang out in has an odd feeling towards it… like a polish of monetization all over it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being down on said people/entities, my most successful sorcery are financial sorcerys’; but I do cringe on the overly, in your face, I’m making money off you kinda shenanigans.

Just an observation and personal bias, not life or financial advice xD


Recently, while I haven’t taken a full dive back into mysteries of the universe, I’ve restarted some of my previous practices, albeit updated to a new framework I am working on. There has been some recent interests of mine that I feel like would benefit from an esoteric boost of sorts.

Mental Sphere: I am looking to activate more of my brain utilization. I know the science if that we do fully utilize our brain but not at full power (and not only 10% like what was previously propagated). There are still limiters in place so we don’t die from pushing our body to the limit and I do believe that synapses do eventually de-activate from non-usage.

My goal is to activate more synapses and utilize it towards my current life goals while min/max power usage. My current goals are mental gymnastics heavy and I will take any advantage I get.

Healing Magicks: My pet project (kinda), I’m always interested in some sort of longevity type of projects (and I also have a personal reason for this). With that said, this is the type of magick I am most familiar with.

I think the method I am working with is useful but I need to learn more about the human body itself, like I am going to go deep dive down to the cellular level.

Control’ish Magick: Now this is my real pet project (lol), just always been interested in psychic’ish or evil eye’ish type of skills.

With the framework I am working with, I feel like it would make it more effective by learning the muggle systems that runs it.

So I am off to hit the books, learn more things about the world so I can try to affect it in the “unknown” world.

Magick, As Art and Science

Magick has been a part of human history since the discovery of fire, from the great magis’ of Egyptian lore, to the modern kaotes of today. Magick has been a part of human lore for quite some time now but no one has been able to explain it, or come close to proving it to the masses.

Yet, we have thousands of practitioners all around the work partaking in this art. Why? If I’m such a logical person, choose to spend my time in research, follow and practice such an arcane and archaic paradigm of the world.

This is a complicated answer that boils down to personal beliefs and a gamble.

Why Magick?

For one thing, it is my belief to be open minded and not to choose to close any doors in expanding and evolving human evolution.

I believe that magick is one of the paths that one can.

Even with the growth and evolution of science, there’s still a whole lot of things in the universe that one can’t explain, and the more we delve into the scientific studies, a lot more things come into light that we can’t explain (i.e how the brain works, or gravity).

Think of the things we have now, that people of the past did not have. In their eyes, cellphones and guns would’ve witchcraft and sorcery.

I truly believe some aspects of magick are futuristic science that we haven’t been able to explain, and it such a bizarre and archaic subject that no one really wants to study it in light of the modern era.

Secondly, for me, there has been enough patterns for me to resolve that magick exists.

Personally, I’ve experienced some things that can’t be explained by mass hysteria or a proper trick. There are tons of reports out there from people as well who have shared the same, albeit somewhat different, experiences but the data is there; there are enough people experiencing the same thing so unless it can be properly discounted by hard facts, the there is still room enough to at least be open about it.

Art & Science?

During my time and research, I’ve found that even with all of the social and regional aspects that affects magical systems and traditions of current and past – they all hold a very humanistic touch to them.

From ritual garbs and gestures from the choice of materials to choose, from how high level constructs (aka demons, deities from Greek mythology, etc) closely resemble human aspects.

That’s why I believe that magick is an art first, backed by future science.

It is driven by emotion and imagination, and is powered by forces beyond our recognition and measure.

It is a personal power.

Where To Go?

To be honest, I don’t know where the flow will take it and us but all I know if I will follow the path of finding out the truth behind this universe.

Seven Deadly Sins

No matter how classical literature described these entities, major or minor demons, etc. Facts are, they’ve been around for quite some time but I believe they’re less prominent than how they were described, especially in WMT.

I tend to think of them as minor constructs that gathered to a person initially due to an opening, and kinda fed off said person, and fed back the same loop to gather said energies back.

Sort of a symbiotic relationship.

With that said, as practicing mages – we should be able to put these constructs to use, especially to our advantage. Once we recognize their existence within ourselves, and resolved to put them to work to our benefit – one may say we may be able to use our weaknesses as strengths.

And here we stand, as I think the sin of envy and sloth (and maybe even gluttony) has no personal use to me.

Envy is something I’ve never really concerned myself with since Im too proud, gluttony is some sort of light version of greed. Sloth though is a major issue for me and something I need handled.

Greed, Lust, Pride and Lust are sins I’m aware of and are variables that I am perfectly comfortable in living with.

Envy, Gluttony & Sloth are sins that does not help me – so what to do?

Out With The Old…..

So while Im thinking of putting my core “sins” to work, these lesser sins are still around – one of them a big hindrance to me.

The other two really does not hold any power on me so there’s no sense of doing anything about it. The last one does and I’m thinking of using it as a proactive tool rather than an unwanted personal buff.

Choose your weapons wisely and turn anything, even a disadvantage as an advantage.

Active Projects

While I get the engine going again, I do have a couple of projects I want to get restarted since my hiatus.

Personal System – The thing is, I’m kinda growth hacking my own system on the fly – so I need to set some fundamentals for my self, start implementing it, and modifying along the way. While I have the muse back, I have nothing concrete at the moment.

I have a couple of ideas but I have to choose.

Project Lelouche & Tsunade – I think it’s a dead giveaway if you’re an anime fan but these are still in research mode.

Project L is for fun and Project T is somewhat personal so I will likely discuss here and there till I have some sort of positive feedback.

Unnamed Side Project #1 – One is some sort of magickal test to figure out what type of practitioner a person is before trying out all these systems to figure it out eventually. I never really liked that shotgun approach and I never figured out why there wasn’t alot of research into this topic, not very efficient.

I mean it’s nice for the minority out there that did find out quickly but that not the case for everyone – I’ve always found this topic interesting so I will put some effort in this.

With that said, these are just the macro level projects I am working on – there’s always micro oriented ideas that may pop up or even insights along the way so this page is probably going to be in flux till the end of time.