DAY 5 & 6: Cord Magick & Clothing Enchantment

I kinda cheated, well not really, on this exercise and decided to kill 2 birds with one stone.

I decided to create a bracelet using cord magick, and since I will be wearing this bracelet for a certain amount of time – it falls under the criteria of clothing enchantment. Enchanting pieces of items is one of my favorite techs to use.

TBH, these 2 techniques reminded me of the days when I first started witchcraft; enchantment being one of my favorite techs to utilize, and cord magick was something I didn’t really work with. I am just naturally drawn to certain techniques than others and cord magick was just not one of those techs I was drawn to.

As with the theme of what I’ve been doing with these exercises, it is all about self improvement. I don’t want to discuss what I actually worked on but little hint is that I used a black cord for my work.

Also, I’m actually pretty alright with braiding, it’s a little known fact and surprises people since I’m such a manly man, lol.

I’m quite proud of the result.



I’m a little behind but I am slowly working on it, lol. Who knew this would be so rough for me?

DAY 4: Charge an item and or jewellery.

I chose to re-charge the previous blessings I had on my dog tags that I wear constantly.

They’re my bands custom dog tags, and I’ve previously blessed them to bring us some luck, and as a physical tie on to the overall working I did for my band.

Each of my band member has one. 4 in total. 1 master tag, and 3 slaves. I keep the master tag since I did some custom workings with that one, and the band gets the rest of it.




Day 2 was petition paper and one of my favourite methods I’ve assimilated from the Hoodoo tradition. Granted, I don’t utilize it often any more but it’s still, as they would say, in the pocket – just in case of emergencies or if I am feeling materia’listic. As well, it’s quite easy to do, and very subtle, so I don’t have to worry about being asked what it is – if someone catches me. It could just be a doodle for whoever might care.

As for the technique itself, I normally either go with the Lucky Mojo/Dr Raven method – what I cast was basically the same thing as Day 1 – unblock obstacles that I might face,

Day 3, which was today, was oils. I don’t normally do oils but I thought I’d try it. As I mentioned before, I prepared this oil on the weekend, and it was basically a “cleansing” oil of sorts.  Just to reinforce the flow I am working with.

I wasn’t planning on using these techs with the “road opener” flow I am working with but you know what, might as well use the magick for something that reinforces what I currently need. I don’t know how others are going about it but I’m pretty much going with the same theme with all of these techs.

Some might point out the “lust for results” issue but it’s going to be ok – I was never a big fan of that theory anyways, lol. :P


For the first day, we are supposed to do a candle spell.

I think it’s fitting, with the new years and all, and how we all go about doing our resolutions (even though studies have shown most of us fail when we try to jump towards this yearly bandwagon) that I do a “road opener” candle spell.

Personally, I am a big fan of new years resolution, and for the most part – I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. I don’t do BIG resolutions, and I don’t think that one should wait for the next year to actually work on things that needs to be done but I love the energy and spirit of the new years; I love that mentality of rebirth and chips are all in attitude, even if most of us fail but you know what, people fail all the time and only a handful are winners – facts of life, if only we can all be winners then world problems would disappear.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

One of my favourite quotes that I try to live by.

An unexamined life is not worth living.

Also another quote that I’ve personally stood by since I’ve started “living”.

Now, I chose to do a road opener spell since it will boost the chances of success towards the goals that I want to achieve. I feel like this is the best type of spell to work with, especially when trying to achieve certain multiple goals since unfortunately, we as humans don’t have the ability yet to forsee every variable and obstacle that one may hit upon when trying to achieve a goal(s).

The spell itself was pretty general, nothing new or exciting; I inscribed symbols of power on 1 white candle, wrote the rite that I wanted to chant, did my pre-ritual procedures, consecrated the candle, performed the ritual, and closing ritual – took about 20 minutes to perform.

I didn’t summon any entities though, I just wanted the raw magickal energies to do their thing. (I’m also trying to stay away from using entities this year, unless they are artificial or something that I’ve never made contact with – I am still going to do my genus loci offerings and probably a bi weekly devotional to the spirits of NAP, and maybe a weekly devotional to Lucifer, entities that I’ve worked with for a while now).

I’ve left the candle lit in my bedroom, and let it permeate the “air” around me. Glad I did this spell, hoping it opens up alot of doors for me (especially since I’m going to start job hunting next week, and I’m going to be especially picky on what I want)


I’m never a fan of doing these internet group meme/collab/experiment/viral thingy majigy but I’ve been on a “do stuff that you don’t like/normally do” run these past couple of weeks so I feel like I should jump into it. I found this on Kalagnis blog and I’m pretty sure anyone can join in even if you’re not part of it. (I am technically part of the SS Group still, even though I was never really active on the online community)

It’s pretty self explanatory, everyday in January – you do the theme of the day. Cast some magick that uses that theme of the day.

I suggest you read through the whole list and try to prepare for it, personally – I need to get some of the materia based days ready (oils & powders I don’t keep any more, unless I actually need it for something)

Have fun, and I better work on Day 1 theme. :)


I’m finally feeling better from a whirlwind of a month; lost a friend, got fired, got sick (again), broke as fluck, relationships are frayed, very lost in a sense, etc etc.

The sphere of Saturn has been very close to my environment, and while it might seem that these past few events has been quite a beatdown…what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.

So now, I’ve gotten beaten down hard, and I’m still alive, so I’m ready to roll again; like Goku dying and rising up again to reach greater Super Saiyan levels, or the plain ol’ Rocky Balboa feel good story of an underdogs’ journey to becoming a champ.

I have nowhere to go but UP!

I’ve always wrote about taking destiny by your hand, not to be afraid of burning everything around you so you can rise from the ashes anew.

While I think I’ve experienced these things and has managed to race past them in the closest of cuts, this years experiences has been a tad more…painful than I’ve had in the past. Not alot of me deciding to do this and that to move on, more of alot of external events that occurred that I had really no say or control over..just had to happen to me, and I had to sort it out.

Nonetheless, I am back, dedicated and refocused.

I’m going to keep it brief and simplify my goals; physical self, music, and magick. I want to keep a focused fundamental set of goals that I want to work on, and leave myself flexible enough if I want to add other things in the future.

This is a sort of re-dedication, I suppose, because it’s not like I don’t know this..more like I’ve forgotten or just got lost due to this and that.

But I will not be making the same mistakes again; I will not look for a job that pays me so well but takes my time – no more daily 12 hours/7 days shift, time is precious to me and I do not want to waste it on. I will look for a decent 9-5 job and maybe take part times here and there and the rest of my time will be focused on the 3(+) goals that I have.

I will seek out more experiences, rather than materials. I tend to buy things but never really uses them…like some clothes, or gizmoes, or even video games. I will seek to do things rather than buy things, experience things I would not experience. For example, I used to be the type of guy that liked doing stuff alone, and them somewhere along the way, I ended up being the guy that likes to be never alone when doing stuff. I want to change that.

I will dedicate my energies towards me; my goals and what I want to achieve in the future. I will be disciplined enough to reach my goals but I will be crazy enough to do things that will make my momma faint, lol. I will not be boring but a madman on fire.

From the ashes of 2015, 2016 a phoenix will be rising.


For the first time, in a decade of being employed in the muggle world, I got fired from my position.

It came out of nowhere, yet I felt like it was coming. Somewhere along the way, I pushed too hard and they didn’t like the young blood coming up so fast and hard.

I was precisely let go 3 days after my last post, after the meeting we had in which I was told I was moving too fast.

The thing was, I never got a real excuse why I was let go…more so the company line of “don’t think we’re going to fit” deal. I mean, c’mon? How can one possibly know that in the 2 weeks that I was there working, lol. The sad part was that my productivity was much higher after that meeting, I only needed 10% to complete my task.

I can go all day on how dumb that was, and initially, I was so shocked of the result. It wasn’t about the job, or the money – just genuinely shocked that I got let go since I never got that. I either moved on, or quit.

Now, the main point of this post, and my still ongoing issue is…what am I going to do with myself? Am I having a quarter life crisis?

I feel like I should just disappear for one spring, summer, and fall; to find out about myself and what really makes me tick. I’m also in love with the idea of just being a travelling hermit, lol.

While I’ve lived a pretty carefree life, most of my decisions are coloured with the variable of “how will this affect my family?”. Not to say I’ve never lived without their saying but for the most part, especially after I “grew up” – that variable is always in my decision making structure. It’s like an end user filter that always affect the outcome of my thought processes.

For example;
Question: Should I go to this party? [yes]
Process: Do I want to go? Is it going to be fun? Am I going to go all out? [yes]
Filter: How does this affect my family?
Outcome: I’m gonna go, but I’ll try not to go all out and be stupid. Try not to come home drunk, etc.

They are like a ball and chain, and for the most part – is a good thing since they technically act as my limiter because if I didn’t have one…let’s just say I would have a whole different set of problems.

As well, what should I focus my time on?

I think music is my main goal, and it’s never going to change but what else should I focus my time on; other ideas are magick, and my physical self but I’m a smart guy – I feel like I can do more, and it’s that idea of being able to do more that is killing me.

  • Should I start writing novels? I like writing but I feel like I’m never good enough as a writer…I do have plenty of ideas, an idea man per se.
  • Should I start working with Youtube? I like gaming – especially fighting games, tech, anime, movie reviews, martial arts, etc. Should I translate all of that passion into Youtube? I mean I do consume alot of content and I do like alot of things.
  • Should I become a video game developer?
  • etc etc

Having too many options is such a curse, lol. I try to simplify my life, and all aspects of it but the sad part is that it get’s boring..Variety is the spice of life and it steeps into the very things that I like.

I simplify certain processes, master it, then I add my own bits into it slow and surely. Mind you, I still try to simplify as much as possible but things can get me excited quickly, lol, and once I am held hostage – I never really let go.

So….my apologies for the word vomit, trying to sort out what I want….

My goals for now are; music, magick, and physical self? I’m gonna simplify my life around these things and while I am doing that, I am going to keep asking myself?

What do you want to do?

P.S: Or…..lol, I’m just gonna start rolling a dice and see what happens. :P