Assessing myself, to see what the damage was..

Mentally: 30% – My mental state was in a disarray by the end of things. I could barely hold onto anything other than work related issues. I couldn’t be who I am when I was working at the time since it took so much of me mentally to run things smoothly.

Spiritual: 45% – If there ever was a case where mental and physical faculties were down and one was just running on pure spirit alone, this was probably one of the cases. I was purely running on spirit by the end of it all.

Physical: 25% – My physical state was horrendous. My face was showing signs of fatigue everyday, my skin was breaking out – I was fatigue the whole time, I was sick as well. It was horrible.

As soon as I quit my job, and my body knew that I was done that whole debacle, I fell sick; that was my body giving in to the signal of go rest and heal up. I was mentally fried, physically – I was using artificial stimulants to keep going and repercussion hit me hard afterwards.

I am slowly recovering…..

I am now trying to get back into the swing of things. Simple energy work. Re-establishing contact with entities I used to work with. Dusting up and reading my old tomes again. Barriers that needs to be upkept, etc etc.

I’m actually excited again.


I’ve made some changes in my life (aka quitting my time consuming job) to make time for magick to enter my life again.

Life really took a toll on me and without magick, the quality of life I was leading went downhill fast. It was really a love-hate relationship but overall, I had to do what’s best for me, even though it tore me apart that I had to leave my coworkers behind. I spent so much time there that I became really fond of them but overall, we gots to do what we gotta do.

Mind you, there was alot of other things that finalized this deal for me but I felt that not having the practice of magick around me really dulled me.

So, here we go again, back to riding the synchronicity highway.