Amen to that, you are preaching to the crowd my good squire!ūüėÄ

Not only a day has passed since I decided to take matters into my greedy hands that things are looking up; if I was looking for an event that proves magickal synchronicity is real, today would’ve been the day.

Lets just say pieces fell into place that makes my work life a whole lot easier, and it only took 1 day of some magicking to get things rolling. Honestly, I only pulled a couple tricks and treats from my repertoire – I didn’t even start working w/ the big guns but lo and behold, I’m a happier man as of today.

Finally get to do some real work, not in a constant state of anxiety where it seems like I’m riding a roller coaster without the safety bars and the whole track is made of wood that is rotting away.

The moral of the story is….there is no moral I guess, you take what you want and damn everything else?

Taking Control

I was reading Jasons post yesterday regarding a persons shadow calling and if you are following your true calling.

At this juncture in my life, I am not in control – not to say I’ve lost control, more so that there are too many variables that I haven’t been able to handle. Certain things needs to be in control for me so when I have to deal with the chaos that is life, my faculties are fully focused on dealing w/ this matter.

Work again has been a primary source of discomfort in my end. The people I’m working for are nice but we are heavily understaffed and all the mistakes end up falling unto me since I’m technically the only employee left on my department.¬†I know it’s not my fault but I do care that¬†the work quality has lowered¬†and¬†I am spending so much time at work¬†again.

I dislike that I am not doing the things I want but my sense of responsibility forces me to ensure that my job is being done as right as possible. I want to run away, a part of my mind and body is telling me to run away, that I don’t need this kind of pain and torture that I can find another job. Another part of me is telling me to grind it out, tugging onto my sense of responsibility.

Realistically, my spiritual level is at normal but my mind and body is weak. I could feel my brain being sluggish, like a computer that is too fragmented, I need to re-format and clear up everything.

What is a guy to do?

Well, I’m shifting some of my priorities;

  • My work on IIH is being downgraded. I am a complete fanboy w/ Bardons book but TBH, the time I spent w/ it is too much¬†–¬†half of my workload is working on IIH side projects. I am keeping my work close to me but I am putting this in low priority for now.
  • Put more emphasis on my mental and physical level, bumping them up to high priority. Focus on simplification and effectiveness. Especially my mental levels, I can tell it is super low at the moment, I need to raise it up. My workload is mental heavy so I need to be on top shape to deal w/ issues that occurs.
  • Do some work sorcery. I’ve been doing a little to help my work but I’m going to step it up. The full works.
  • Redefine my prime directives.

It’s going to be 3 weeks of hell from this point but as the old saying goes, what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.

When One Window Closes

My company merger started and I really don’t have a coin in that pot… What I’m really looking forward to is how much it’ll make my job easier, lol, so I can focus on the things that really matters, like my sorcery practice.

Right now, I’m focusing on focusing my mind – strengthening it to the levels it used to be at. I feel that I’m still below 50% but I’m working on it – that’s my focus at the moment.

TBH, if I was to look at my current practice right now, all my levels have dipped below the levels I would like it to be at; physically, mentally, and spiritually – all my levels have gone down.

It’s to be expected, I mean I am working through a big change, and i have to prioritize certain things to make it through.
I’m hoping this new….window of opportunity will be more advantageous for my lifestyle.

Back to the grind, lol. 

Grinding It Out

I sat at home thinking about work…. more like stressing about work. It’s only been a month and I’m already being frayed, it’s not what I signed up for. 

As well, there’s changes that might be good or bad, coming up soon. I should just hold on and grind it out and see where it takes me but currently, I am beat from the long hours and tiring work procedures.

What this really says to me though is my current level of mental strength – to me, this kind of thinking is weak. I need to focus and strengthen my mental strength. 

We all face adversity everyday but it’s how we handle it is the key. Currently, with my mental power being so weak, it affects the other aspects of my life. 

There is no save point where I can reload from my mistakes. I can only move forward, learn, and not make the same mistakes.

Read Between The Lines

This week, I found myself unhappy with my system of divination – the source of it is for the most part, the cumbersome and tedious way of going about it. Roll dice, interpret, hold pendulum, ask question, perceive omens, wait and discern.

Maybe I’m a little spoiled by Google, it can do so many things with it that I want a system like that placed in the magickal sphere. Maybe if I had better control or access to the akashic records then I wouldn’t have this issue but well….if I only had Jedi like powers, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be having these issues anyways.

So I think it’s time to move away from the dices and the pendulums, and do a little upgrading.

I want quick, precise, and intuitive.

I think I’m ok if I spend a little time working on it, and having something that I actually would like and enjoy¬†using.

Now, off to the drawing board.ūüôā

The Art Of Kaos Magick 2.016

To me, chaos magick is the multi tool of my magickal EDC kit; I don’t think it’s a religion, I don’t think it’s a system in the traditional sense, I do not put it in a pedestal like others do, I pretty much use it to bend the rules to my advantage – I don’t go extreme right and worship superman or pikachu nor do I think tulpas are my imaginary friend.

I don’t ever proclaim to be a bona fide uber l33t ka05 mag1ck1an but I think I’ve been on the supernatural synchronicity highway long enough to know a thing or two. I was never taught by a kaos master, anything I learned I picked up from or Phil Hines’ stuff, I was pretty much borne after the psychedelic chaos generation – the information superhighway chaos magickians. From the lingo and symbolism I use, I thought it was pretty much a given.

Chaos Magick to me is one of those modular systems of magick, you got the basics to work with but you can add anything you want on it the more you play around with it, kinda like the plug and play in Windows OS.

It reminded me of a complete martial art that is ever developing, the next set of students will add to the next generations work. A chaote magickian from the 70’s will far differ from a chaote of 2016¬†-while there are threads from the base knowledge that makes it similar, the personalization and customization built in the system and the users who uses it ensures a variety of flavours that continues on to this day.

Kinda like Linux; there’s Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Red Hat but in a nutshell, it’s all Linux but different flavours of style and accessibility.

In a sense, Chaos Magick is more of an arte and a mindset.

We all learn the fundamentals of sketching, painting, colours, symmetry, etc in art school but in the end, the ones who makes an impact are the ones who steps out of there boxes and gives it everything they’ve got in their masterpieces.

Over Nine Thousand!!!!!

We just went to watch the Conjuring II, and it was a pretty good movie. I don’t know if that’s how I’ll handle any case but, to each their own.

However, the thing that astounded me the most was after watching the movie, I decided to do some research on the Warrens – I think I did some light research after the first movie but I guess nothing important stuck to my brain.

I did some reading and I was astounded that they have 10,000+ cases under their belts.


To be fair, in my decade + in the business, I’ve dealt with maybe under 50 cases, and maybe under 5’ish of what I would even consider serious. I don’t even consider the stuff I experiment on, sorcery stuff, etc – just the plain ol’ paranormal phenomenon .

And they’ve had 10,000 + cases, it boggles my mind.

I mean maybe they were the only legit game in the business at the time, maybe their popularity helped but to handle that amount of cases is really something, for me, to behold.

In my head, I wonder if they were just gifted in that sense – like destined to do that line of work. They even have a collection of haunted artefacts, CRAZEE!

Either way, I appreciate the good fight. They’re not even using magick swords to take out the bad guys, lol.