Brand new year, so what kind of shenanigans can we get into? What kind of level can we reach? :D Very excited about this year, if you can’t tell, I feel like this is the year where I will accomplish alot of things.

I have no actual updates so far this year but I do want to work on a couple of this ASAP…

  • REWORK MY ALTAR: Clean it up, make sure that anything that’s down there are there for a reason.
  • CREATE A COUPLE OF DEVOTIONAL PRACTICES: For the entities of NAP, for Lucifer most likely, local genii, Master Bardon, a couple of goetic entities that I want to start working with.
  • MASTER THE NEXT STEP IN I.I.H: Rework and reevaluate where I am at this point.

This is my bare bones goals for this year. For the most part, I will be using most of my magick to boost my musical success, similar to what I did a couple of years ago with great success I might add


As we say goodbye to 2014, and say hello to 2015. These are the times where one must really sit down and think of what they want to happen in the coming year, especially for us practitioners. Not only do we have to do our obligatory magick in thanks to our helpers this year, we also need to plan out what we need to accomplish and to whom do we need to bring in attention our needs.

Personally, 2014 has been the year of planning, laying down the seeds of what I want to achieve. Not only for me but for my family as well. While there wasn’t alot of magick on that year, there was alot of behind the scenes workings that helped me to my path.

As humans, we need goals to excel and reach. I myself is always in dire need of time (oh how I wish I can be immortal, lol) as I have many a goals on the plate, and many more I’d want to achieve if I had the time and resources to do so. Alas, I need to simplify to reach the most important one.

So to all my people out there; find a goal, plan to reach it, squeeze every effort you have in your body and grab a hold of it, take the good and bad that comes with it, and bask at the thought that you are actually doing something with your life.



Even though I don’t advertise my services anymore in the public, I still get enough request for work, advice and such. I find it flattering and sometimes do take in clients (while in a much limited process), I find that it keeps the skills sharp, keeps me from getting bored (lol), and makes me think outside my box. However, there are times where I wish I would get more exciting cases (lol), like in the movies but alas, I haven’t had one of those in a while. (Don’t want to go in a tangent, maybe next post)

But I do appreciate how people find me and ask me for help and advice. I find it refreshing that my own work in the field has gained enough reputation points that people will actually actively seek me out. While I really have nothing to gain here, I find that helping people balances me out. I take and take and take from the universe and I feel that by helping others, I give back.

I am very appreciative and my virtual door will always be open (even though I might be very tardy answering sometimes, lol.)


At Trainee Golem Builder, he recently posted on his blog about a series of posts that highlights how the Western Mystery Tradition seems to be going into some sorts of down flow recently, where everything seems to be regurgitated and everyone and anyone is trying to commercialize and trying to make a buck or two out of this thing. It’s a good read and everyone has probably noticed a few of the points happening in their own circles and will probably agree.

Personally, I don’t care – to each his own. The “flow” of time will teach us that things go up, and things go down – it’s only when no one cares that it’s down that is the problem. It’s nothing new, people are always going to try to find an angle and try to make money out of this, this has been a long standing tradition and I can’t fault people for that. It just seems more glaring since we are so connected and information is easily accessible to anyone these days.

While I do not care about the money aspect of this, I do care about the quality of information being spread around. It’s one thing to write a book and have it written in a way to have “blinds” in it as to teach an aspirant but just badly written books not properly researched or just incorrect information being passed on as correct is just plain wrong. Simplicity for the sake of simplicity is not an excuse to write bad articles or books.

One of the things I’ve always thought of that was saddening was the lack of “academic” magick related materials being published or floating around the internet, exactly like in the scientific and research fields. I don’t know if it’s just how we still view magick as a secret sort of practice or we are just not confident enough to publish our work without being harassed about it or etc.

That’s why I stopped writing as much in my blog, because I thought I was not contributing in a way I wanted in the magickal field. I would rather have quality materials posted rather than daily ramblings, lol.

As of today, I can count what I think are good blogs with my right hand (most of the are in my blog roll). I hope that changes, I can already see some changes here and there but I can also see the problems that may arise (like peer review, ego, etc).

I hope we soon see the balance between one another because the world is big enough to accommodate commercialism, artistic and academic endeavors.






I’ve been able to get some meditation in, sharpening the mind back into shape. Playing music has been helping, actually meditating has been helping. The more I contemplate, the more I realize that it’s not that I can’t focus (I’m focus all the time, I’m like a bulldog at work) – it’s more that I can’t quiet my mind so my void meditation needs some work….working on it.

PHYSICAL STATE: needs improvement

I need to step up on the physical side of things.

Just recently, again, I got hit with my yearly feet-to-nitis (too much workload on my lower body and my weakest/most worked part aka the feet gets hurt because of it) – luckily I was able to use some healing magick, coupled with my sharpened mental skills, and recovery is way better and faster than previous times.

I need to work on my lower body though….more flexibility.

SPIRITUAL STATE: same ol, same ol.

Nothing new to report on this front, lol.

QUAREIA – A New School Of Magick

The curriculum of Quareia takes a magical apprentice from the beginning of magic to the level of adeptship and beyond. The course has no superfluous text; there is no dressing, no padding – everything is in its place and everything within the course has a good reason to be there.

(c) Josephine McCarthy

I first heard of this project from one of the members of EM (Fr Archer I believe) but I never really checked it out. Now that I’ve managed to score myself some time so I managed to check out a good portion of what they are offering, and I am liking it.

As the title sums it up, it’s a new magical curriculum/school for aspirants who are seeking the path of magic. What’s surprising is how much depth they are trying to go into this whole project. It is so well written – much more than any of the “recent” beginner books/courses out there in the market. I’m still not sure how “free” this whole thing is going to be but it looks legit thus far – mind you, they’ve only managed to have the apprentice level course materials online.

As well, I like the spirit/concept of the project. Even though it is steeped in traditional techniques of magic, the mindset it’s trying to convey is one of “open source” magic, and you all know how I would love to make magic more open source.

And if that wasn’t the icing in the cake, Josephine McCarthy wrote (or is writing) the whole curriculum. If you haven’t heard of JM…well, you have not been in this business for a long time and you gots to up your reading quota.

If there is any critique I can give about this whole endeavor, and it’s not even a real critique (I believe) since it has nothing to do with the material itself, it’s of the website design – just feels clunky, counter intuitive to the user, not my style (with the many reincarnations of this blogs design, you can tell I like a simple easy design).

I wish them good luck and hope to see their work as a staple in the western magickal landscape.

[EDIT] The link to the website is on my links section but click here for a much easier access.
As well, Josephine McCarthy was nice enough to answer some of my questions from my original post in the comments sections – check it out for more information.


Brother Moloch recently wrote a piece concerning the word “truth” and how it is being used in our trade.

It is a great read so go ahead, I’ll wait (lol).

As a denizen of all that is weird, magickal & supernatural; as well as a dabbler of all that is all fringe in the world of modern science. Truth, is a word that is in a constant flux – what is truth today, may not be so tomorrow – what is true for you might not be true for others.

This is especially the case in our trade. I for one has always been wary of anyone who espouse that their way is the truth, unless I’ve seen concrete evidence. The way I am, an empirical study of someones truth is a must for me, that’s how I’ve always worked out things and luckily, it’s been ingrained in the way I live.

Unfortunately, not many others are so lucky.

But we’re all here to get better and learn a thing or two, right? …..I hope?

Truth is a valuable thing but it is like a double edge sword; it can be used to set us free, or it can be used to destroy us. Like how knowledge is power, but without the wisdom to use it – it’s like giving a gun to a little child.

For example, I am a big fan of Franz Bardons’ work (if you can’t tell) but I do not treat his book like it is the word to end all words. I’ve been working with this tome for so long, trying and testing out the techniques laid down there. Personally, I can do without the preaching from his book and the labels he puts on.

On a pragmatic side of things, I feel that the book can be re-arranged in a much better way and certain techniques can be updated to better ones that we know that works on a general side of things.

But as I said, this is my truth – others truth might be that if you follow the book step by step; that you will eventually reach the first steps of becoming a magickian (as described by Bardon).

Collecting truths of the world are fine and dandy but I feel like we should all aspire to gain wisdom instead, the wisdom to use all of these truths in a way that’ll benefit us without endangering what we hold value in this world the most.

The great philosopher Socrates once said,

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.