My Theory Of Magick

Sometimes, someone will ask me my opinion on what’s behind magick – the theory of it all, and I will for the most part will subtlety change the topic or give a non answer.

Personally, I’m just not that comfortable giving out that answer to anyone; for security purposes, and that back then, I wasn’t so comfortable with my ways.

But for now, I will give a little tidbit of what I think of it. Here’s a quote that pretty much says it all for me…..Analyse away.

Everything is true, everything is permitted.

Konichiwa Apollo-San

I did my first ritual to Apollo yesterday night….yes, I shall go by this name since this is the most familiar to me, and it was quite a strange event/result.

I started with my normal pre-ritual routine and everything felt normal.

Then I started the rite while focusing on his symbol with my mind and I took in alot of things; energy from the ritual was pleasant, not like a lighting bolt but a gentle afternoon sun.

I went to the 2nd part of the rite and I kept being distracted by this “bug” that came out of nowhere, then after trying to get rid of it – “it” finally disappeared – don’t know what that meant…

I then re-started where I left off on the rite and I was bombarded by a vision of some sort of monster, I felt very antagonistic and animalistic towards it – like i met a rival or an enemy I had to take out no matter what.

Once that sensation disappeared and the vision was gone, the energy sensation I felt before came back and eventually, I fell asleep.


For the most part, I felt the ritual was a success and the connection towards Apollo was instantaneous.

After doing some research on this entity/deity; I finally felt like I found an entity I can relate to, which is kinda funny since Solar entities has tried to reach out to me before (i.e: Solar Olympic Spirit). I am hoping to integrate his energies towards my practice and hopefully achieve a certain level of rapport.

This might be the first step to a different path!

I think I mentioned before that while I work well with angelic/demonic entities, I never felt comfortable working with them. Maybe it was due to my religious upbringing and my rebellious clash against the powers that be, maybe I am just more fond of Greek deities because of how I was exposed to them in my childhood.

*FUN FACT* One of the first books I read was about the Illiad.

Overall, it looks like interesting times are coming……