Journey Inwards

I haven’t been doing alot of personal magick lately, more so research for my clients, help some of my students, bouncing theories here and there with others, etc, etc.

It’s not boring, but it’s also not the chaos that is magick.

I’ve been doing a lot of contemplation lately though, where my life is at and what role magick is playing into it. At one point I was thinking I should just put it back in to the shelf and work on other things, maybe even something sciency but magick always has a pull on me, and it will always drag me back to the chaos of things.

Anyways, I don’t have an answer… right now, I’m not working on the macrocosm side of magick but with the microcosm of magick – very inward, very selfish, back into that classic sorcerer model I use to work with.

I think it’s better to work still like this rather than throw it away.

I’m not sure where it will go, or how I will go there, or even if I’ll get there but I know it will always pull be down the rabbit hole, no if ends or buts.

Now to wait and see how it’s all going to play out. ;-)



Yesterday, I managed to get some magic mushrooms and I tried it.

I’ve always wanted to go on a shroom trip but never really had the chance to acquire one so when the opportunity presented itself, call it synchronicity, I jumped at it.

I’ve been trying to elevate my game and see where I can take it, and improve on it and one of the things that I’ve heard is that taking hallucinogenics can open up many doorways that wasn’t present before, a shortcut of sorts to reaching certain doorways and achieving certain states and perceptions.

One of the first times I’ve heard of plants being used for magick was the Carlos Castaneda book “Don Juan”, then a little research here and there made me realize how prevalent it was in the occult literature, especially with the shamanistic systems.


I picked up my stuff from my guy yesterday, I waited till everyone was asleep and I ate the head and 2 stems. I was told today that I might have eaten more than require but no pain, no gain right.

After an hour later, I started feeling it a bit – body was all buzzing while I laid on my bed, and then what only seemed like minutes – I started being hit by it, it lasted for at least 4 – 6 hours but it was brutal and a non-stop ride. My body was tired but my mind wouldn’t let it go to sleep and when I thought it was over, it kept hitting me again and again.

I was expecting more of an external experience, like in the movies with the light show and spirit animals showing and stuff but this was a more internal experience – lots of talking to myself, or myself talking to me, sorting through stuff that I needed sorted out, lots of other voices. It was an exhilarating experience and I was lucid for the most part of it but I don’t think I will go at it for awhile, it was very intense experience.

While most of it was me, myself and I sorting through stuff (lol). I had a couple of visions and notes about magick and everything; the Akasha, how I view things, how I should view things, how I should work it out, etc etc.

I’m not going to say I became enlightened by the experience or reach another level of mastery…more so I gained some more clues on how things work. Next time, I’ll be more prepared and will probably try to push for other things.


Before I assimilated other systems and became that “NAP” guy, or the “Hoodoo” guy, or that “IIH” guy. My practice was pretty simple, almost too simple in fact, and I think it’s time to go back to that level of practice.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my time learning and working on those other systems. In fact, I think it made me into a much better sorcerer since learning those other systems made me understand a bit more behind the theory of magick. With the many things I’ve learned on how other systems work their magick and how it affects results, I learned and assimilated enough to say that I’ve level’ed up my own practice.  It’s not complete at all but it is a work in progress and I do get results by it so for now, that is good enough for me.

To simplify things, I am a sorcerer – and a sorcerer of the most basic and stereotypical of description. I like to work with the raw energies, I summon entities here and there, I have a cadre of servants to do my bidding, and I tend to do my work on the microcosm of things.

With that said, since I’ve done so much work on other traditions, it’s time to distill my practice into a really simple one.

  • RAW MAGICKAL ENERGY:  From my original sorcery practice, the very basics that I’ve started with. With my work on witchcraft, SS (Strategic Sorcery) and IIH, I think I’ve advanced it to the next level.
  • PERSONAL SHIKIGAMIS: I’ve started to create shikigamis (term I use loosely) that’ll amplify and help me achieve my desires. My goal is to have a cadre of them running round the clock working on achieving my goals.
  • EVOCATION: Working with a few set of entities that’ll help me when I need them. I’d like to avoid working with them as much as possible and achieve a certain level of proficiency by myself and with the help of my shikis.
  • MINDSET/PHILOSOPHY: Mixing the theories that I’ve worked with; especially from the Eastern and Western philosophy side of things. Work on being an Alpha Sorcerer, self sufficiency, taking more control of things in and around me.
  • SHADE: This practice is something not particularly new to me but is something I am taking to point with. In sorcery terms, this is basically the other guy in your head, some might say it’s the representation of your subconscious. My theory is that this is the representation of what you want to become, your perfect self. It’s there already, all we have to do is grasp it.

I am excited with the new step I am heading towards to.

In my time, that feeling of always having a bunch of techniques to use but never having a concrete set of practice to call my own have left me quite flustered and unfulfilled. I am hoping a step into this direction can finally appease this longing that I’ve had and hopefully, finally leave me a feeling that I’ve reached my next level and to move forward on to my next set of goals and dreams.

The Art Of Breaking Chains

I think for the most part, us magick folks have gone through this in one way shape or form; from either being initiated into the arcana, or just somehow finding ourselves in this path.

It all started by breaking away from the chains of our previous lives..

In my case, it was life and paradigms. I was glad my first philosopher whom I admired and followed is Socrates, transitioning to how I view things now are was made much easier by his teachings.

As well,  being a practitioner whose fundamentals are tightly formed around Bardons IIH, this type of thinking/practice is a constant for me (us). To be able to completely and wholeheartedly practice the Black & White Soul Mirror exercise, one must be able to see themselves unbiased, complete honesty.

I can honestly say that some of my faults are being too passive sometimes, being too nice, being too honest, being too practical, being “too” anything, etc etc – you get the picture. I am keenly aware of all of my negative traits and I try to work on it but it is hard, life has a way of putting me in situations in which it is easier to default to these certain ways – sometimes I just do it for the heck of it.

While inner alchemy is something that has gone to rise recently, for the most part – it is barely mentioned in most systems of magick, especially in the Western Traditions. Practitioners are trying to evolve and incorporate this way of thinking into their practices but it is not something taught as a necessity, which I believe is a mistake since people wield power, and people who wield power who has no control over themselves,  lose control and power overwhelms them.

As above, so below – take control of everything about you and your environment and the universe will bend to your will.

p.s: it’s no “secret”, lol. ;-)


I just thought this was interesting, and shared it.

Firstly, as a student of magick – it’s nice to see other systems in action. Thank you internetz.

Secondly, as a student of magick whose first hand experience with magick was of the folk/witchcraft sense of things. I brought a nice nostalgic feel tugs in me wee heart, lol.

Classic chicken sacrifice.

I wanted to see some more of the shaman aspects of their practice though. I mean, communing w/ Lucifer is cool and all but I do that all the time (lol…..?). I give them mad props though, they went all out on the statues and the altars.

I can talk a bunch about this video but you know, just watch it…..


06.29.2015 UPDATES

I felt like I haven’t done one of these for so long…..

APOLLO: I haven’t had any sort of success with trying to work with this entity…I’m starting to think I have no rapport with Greek gods since this is the 2nd (or possibly even 3rd) time I am striking out with them. Which is sad since I am such a BIG fan of the stories…

(To be fair, I actually enjoy the HERO tales and the time pieces of the era..not necessarily the deities. I love the stories of Ulysses, Achilles, Hercules, Leonidas, etc).

I think I might work on working with Odin now.

BRAIN MAGICK: I am experimenting with using magick to affect the brain.

As many would know, I am a BIG fan of sci-fi, and to that extent – whatever relates to it; like pseudo-science theories, etc. After seeing movies like LIMITLESS, or the XFILES, countless shows, movies, books, that experimented with the brain to unlock human potential – I figure I could do that with magick as well. (I wish I had a cat scan handy all the time, lol).

I’ve been dabbling with it back and forth for a few years now but only this time around that I am really going to put my chips on this project.

K.I.S.S: I have been really trying to minimize my practice into a few small components. The theory and ideas, I still take from other materials like IIH, Phil Hine, or Jason Millers material but the approach and technique – it’s all my personal techs.

I am hoping that by the time I am done, it would be just a paradigm of sorts, theories, strategies, and tactics that would literally fit a pamphlet. My materia would be down to my divination tool(s) and little trinkets that I need to bind certain systems on the physical realm.

ASTRAL PROJECTION: See section above about brain magick, I recently read something that I am going to try. :)

I want to write about so much other things but I will stop right here.

P.S: Watch Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, good show about some alternate world English Victorian Magickians.

The Sacred Arte Of Magick

Whenever I go in hiatus, I normally go on extended periods. Call it what you may but such is life. However, I do get questioned as to why I am not active; from associates, from clients, etc.

First off, I do keep a stable roster of clients – so it’s not like I don’t do magick. The focus of this blog though are normally my thoughts and experimentation with magick.

This is not a case file’ish type of blog. I would think it would be very boring for me to blog everyday as to what I’ve done, magick wise, especially if it’s routine like work (i.e: day 1. meditate, energy work, cast spell, banish…rinse and repeat for the most part)

Secondly, I get asked where are the articles I write sometimes – like my chaosy type articles or experimental field reports or my IIH commentary. Personally, I feel like the internet has plenty of resources for one who is resourceful. As well, I think spelling out things to someone takes the fun of discovery.

Third and my main point. I still believe that magick is a sacred and holy arte and one should not go into it half heatedly. Even though, I break the rules and try to push the boundaries of what is believed to be the limits of magick – it’s all for the love of magick and truth. I’m not as liberal as one assumes in regards to magick; I still hold onto old school beliefs but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to bend around or outright break them once or twice.

My style of magick is downright simple and minimalist, I don’t have a cadre of patron gods I have to appease, my guardians are content with our working arrangement, my work with IIH is a slow WIP that I chose to follow as such, I don’t work with ancestors, local genii, etc etc.

I do alot of contemplating and daydreaming, some energy work, and a divination here and there (does reading my horoscope from the newspaper count?)

My work on magick is up and down, side by side, to complement my muggle life. Right now, my muggle life is busy and I need to keep working at that to succeed. Eventually, I will go back to the other side of the tracks and put on my mad scientist goggles but for me, living this balanced lifestyle of muggle and magick work is what is all about.