Before I took a long “vacation” from the esoteric, I was working on this theory of mine that magick is some sort of undefined energy, and that all “systems” of magick; be it hoodoo to taoism, work under the same premise. The only reason they are “different” is due to cultural interpretations of the past.

And that the rules of tradition set upon each “system” is not exactly a universal but cultural.

It sounds very “chaotey” but to be honest, that was one of the reasons I gravitated towards chaos magick in the first place; not the reckless abandon that we normally see with their standard practitioners but the reasonable disregard of the “rules” that was set by its founding members.

So what are the things that separates my version of magick with the traditional version of magick;

  • Magickal Energy: I don’t actually see it as a force that can be gathered but to be controlled and directed, that it’s actually all around us as it is and that we just tap into it and “direct” it to our desires.
  • Magickal Circles: Not necessary in my book. In the sense where it is used to activate some sort of “energy” field that is congruent with the magickal world. If the universe and magickal force is all around us, why do we even need it.
  • Traditional Means: Keeping an athame in a magickal box to keep the “energy” and “blessing” on it to keep it holy is not a thing for me. If I grab this pencil and I deem it a magickal tool, that should be it.

Overall, I’m not downgrading on the other magickal systems of the world; if it works, it works. I just personally want to see a different world that was seen by our predecessors many a years ago.

It’s 2021 already, I think the praxis needs somewhat of an upgrade.


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