Recently, while I haven’t taken a full dive back into mysteries of the universe, I’ve restarted some of my previous practices, albeit updated to a new framework I am working on. There has been some recent interests of mine that I feel like would benefit from an esoteric boost of sorts.

Mental Sphere: I am looking to activate more of my brain utilization. I know the science if that we do fully utilize our brain but not at full power (and not only 10% like what was previously propagated). There are still limiters in place so we don’t die from pushing our body to the limit and I do believe that synapses do eventually de-activate from non-usage.

My goal is to activate more synapses and utilize it towards my current life goals while min/max power usage. My current goals are mental gymnastics heavy and I will take any advantage I get.

Healing Magicks: My pet project (kinda), I’m always interested in some sort of longevity type of projects (and I also have a personal reason for this). With that said, this is the type of magick I am most familiar with.

I think the method I am working with is useful but I need to learn more about the human body itself, like I am going to go deep dive down to the cellular level.

Control’ish Magick: Now this is my real pet project (lol), just always been interested in psychic’ish or evil eye’ish type of skills.

With the framework I am working with, I feel like it would make it more effective by learning the muggle systems that runs it.

So I am off to hit the books, learn more things about the world so I can try to affect it in the “unknown” world.


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