Back In Black

Guess whose back, back again, shadys’ back – tell a friend, lol.

Well not exactly, not a 100% anyways.

I was gone for awhile, it was nothing mind shattering or anything. I just got sick, really sick, sick enough to be sent to the emergency room and hospitalised for weeks but I got through it, with less repercussions than I imagined.

With that said, I had to make changed to my lifestyle and prioritise certain bits.

What does this have to do w/ magick? I just thought it was interesting,  I had a thought, or I remembered something.

During my sickness, I lost 20 lbs – the difference was noticeable.  The thing was, I’ve always thought, or imagined, or visualised back then, years ago, that this would be one of the ways I would lose some weight. I always have this feeling of dejavu whenever something “major” occurs in my life; girl I liked I wanted to break up w/ guy – it eventually came true, wanted to lose weight, imagined getting really sick – it came true. Certain places, certain events – I feel a certain dejavu occurs.

Is it me receiving visions, or is it me manifesting long term?

A Portrait Of The Occult Blogosphere

The blog-o-sphere has been quiet for some time now and there has been ideas circulating as to why it is but I think for the most part, people are just starting to graduate.

There are pretty much 2 types of people who used to blog; a) are the people who just want to share their experiences, you’ll see those types more in the folky magick types (witchcraft, hoodoo) or in a lesser degree, ceremonial and chaotes.

Type b) are/were the ones that used blogging as a platform to advertise to a certain extent their wares; courses, books, services, etc – but those types have already moved on to other social media platforms such a facebook or twitter.

It felt like in the beginning of the “BOOM” of the occult blog-o-sphere, it was a brand new shiny new toy/gizmo but I guess as time went by, it lost some of its’ lustre – blogging in general is something that you like or you don’t like; I’ve been blogging for years since I’ve discovered it, way before occult blogging in general, so I’ve stuck by it.

Most people would say that people have just moved on to other social media platforms but this happened in the occult forums as well. Most, if not, all of the respectable practitioners have gone underground or went into more secluded groups in the WWW.

I for one can only stand blogging and forums as a format to share and discuss research. It’s a hassle to search for information in a social media platform such as facebook, hassle to read through, hassle to comment and discuss.

It’s like the paradigm shifted with a whole bunch of us and it feels like we’ve all gone into hiding or gone deeper into the rabbit hole; it’s the same feeling when students are trying to finish their research paper/thesis. We all go deep and will maybe come out in the near future.

I for one am ok with the quietness. To me, it feels like more people are into their work more rather than posting things and worrying about view count.

Lucifer Devotional #DOMAGICK

I finally had some time to read through most of the posts that has been accumulating in my RSS feed for quite some time now and I stumbled upon a little #domagick trend/challenge that Andrieh Vitimus had started, you can visit his site to see the full details about the challenge but for my sake and purposes, I’m not officially doing that…I guess I’m just piggybacking on it somewhat, lol.

My decision making skills has been a little cloudy and lacklustre lately and I felt like I needed a little push. After a bit of contemplation, it hit me that I haven’t gotten in touch w/ the energies of Lucifer lately and maybe it’ll help balance /energize my sphere into action.

I started to chant his enns and almost instantly, I felt a little better, a little clearer. Mind you, I don’t like it when I need help of a deity to push me into action w/ something so mundane but TBH, I’m glad I did. Even the whole day, I felt clear, and that everything will go my way no matter what I chose.

So back to that whole piggybacking thing, I’m just going to do a small daily devotional to Lucifer; say a little prayer, recite his demonic enns, some contemplation with his energies. I normally do devotional for deities once a week or so, maybe even bi weekly. The purpose of that was more so to drop by an old friend, say hi, remind them that they have not been forgotten.

With this devotional I’m starting though, the purpose is to reacquaint myself in a much more focused direction and purpose.

The Mr Black Experiment

Lately, I’ve been focusing on what makes me happy, and how I can translate that into the real world in a meaningful and practical way – my interest are so far and wide that it’s hard to find the things that tie them together, and the transmute them into some sort of effective way.

I mean, I got mad street cred for being a Bardonian follower but how can I translate that into the real world.

I think a couple of post ago, I ended up writing about how with my certain set of skills, I would be good at certain things – this phase is essentially an extension of that.

Of course, I’ve been delving into the tome of Ferriss; reading, watching as much material as my brain will allow me. I’ve been slowly picking up tips from him and integrating in my life.

For example, I’ve doubled/tripled my reading speed w/ just a couple of tips from one of his books. I actually have to slow it down because my brain is at near limit trying to process the information – it’s not use to processing that much information at once, I need to slowly let is accustom that this is the new way now and it better adapt.

I could feel my brain overheat, lol.

Anyways, I’ve been brainstorming on a couple of projects I’d like to get into. It really feels like, the first time in my life that I can accomplish anything w/ the tools I’ve acquired now – both mundane and magickal wise.

Work smart, not hard. 😀

Hello 2017, An Introduction

The 2016 Office Xmas Palm Reader Prophecy has foretold that 2017 is supposed to be the year where I own it and that 2016 could be counted as a rebuild/transitional phase of sorts.

Now, I don’t put much on divination – especially towards far scoping kind of readings, I prefer to put my money on the short scoping kinds; the ones within a month or so outcome, not year(s) later.

Even if I were to bank on that reading, it’s just not in my nature to leave things to chance – what’s the point of being a sorcerer then?

So with that said, time to stack the variables towards my favour. I have a couple of goals I am focusing on this year, trying to simplify it because that’s one of my main issues, too many projects going on. I really want to focus on music, and the quality of my life.

Simplifying my repertoire of magickal techniques as well so that I have the flexibility to activate them on the fly. This also serves to sharpen the tools I already employ, start mastering instead of dabbling on new things. I am still open to new ideas in regards to the macro side of magick (theurgy, HGA, astral planes, etc) but on the micro side of things, I will just be employing certain techniques I already use and try to sharpen them and think of ways of employing them in different ways that has not been done before.

KISS as they would say.

So what does this all mean? I feel like basically, magick will be taking a different role in my life. If this was a basketball team; instead of being a starter, magick would become the 6th man of the team in my life.

Unfortunately, I can’t let go of my “mundane” hopes and dreams. In a different scenario, I could see myself letting go of everything and becoming a vagabond rebel sorcerer but that is not the cards I’ve been dealt w/ at the moment. I can only work with the hand I got, try to pull out a winning deal, and hope for the best.

Sayonara 2016, Allons-y 2017!

New Year New Look

Ah, new years, it’s my most favorite time of the year, lol.

Now I know what the naysayers have been saying about this time of the year but fluckit – I love the energy that surrounds it, I love the potential it brings but to be fair, I don’t make new years resolutions, I especially don’t publish it online. I take this time to set the mood for the coming year, and take some time to make some observations about myself.

This past year has been a decline, a sort of self destruction that should usher something new. I am in the process of rebuilding towards something new, and hopefully something better. If my journals has anything to say about me, is that I haven’t changed much – the core of me, and my issues are pretty much the same, I just added new tools in life to make certain things better but for the most part, I’m still the same – if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I have to get better, I want to get better.  If there is a game where I want to win it all, it’s the game that is called “Life”.

So time to shift my priorities, where my goals are, where I want to go, what I want to become.

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017.

A Year End Review

Maybe this is kinda early but what the heck, I do what I want, lol. 😛

This year has been a slow, if not halted, progress with me. Magick has taken a very sidelined position since life has decided to bombard me w/ life stuff that needed to be taken care of.

This is no excuse whatsoever, maybe just a lazy way to look at it. I could’ve done better, but I didn’t. Even to this day, the fire that I had maybe years ago has substantially dimmed down.

But with that said, I don’t plan on dropping this anytime soon, it’s just a thing that’s taken a hold of me and won’t let go. 🙂

Going forward, actually beginning as of today, I am working on reintegrating magick into my life in a practical way – one of the things I noticed was I got stuck into the idea of the Great Work, and the grandeur and fantasticalism of it all. I’m stripping it all down and bringing it back to the fundamentals, no fancy shmanzy stuff.

Every resource I have at my disposal, be it muggle or magickal means, will be diverted and focused into strengthening my mind, body & spirit.

Back into the wild. 🙂