For the most part, a lot of us gets into Bardons IIH as a guide for a simplified magickal training regime.

It can’t be helped, there’s alot of hype regarding his work and how it produces quality effective practitioners, and there’s a lot of convoluted works out there that is pretty much rehashed and regurgitated previous works.

Having experienced this myself, and having failing to work with IIH and having to get back up and keep trying, I realized that coming at it from the mindset of “achieving power” dooms most people to fail with training in IIH.

I see it all the time.

I see aspirants come in and diligently try to practice the regime, and for the most part, the drop it around Step III and find another system to work with. I’ve always wondered why there was such a high turnaround of practitioners for such a highly esteemed magickal system. I knew these practitioners tried to diligently practice the exercises set by Bardon. I knew they had the mental capacity to achieve results. I knew the system in general didn’t have big flaws so that a practitioner will fail at it.

Then what is the issue?

When you’ve worked with IIH for so long, and you’ve contemplated these issues, you come to a realization that the way IIH is set up is quite ingenious. For example, if you fail at IIH and never go back to it – you’ve just proven that you didn’t actually read and practice the book the way Bardon asked you to or you were not true to your own desire to begin with. And if you fail, and go back at it again – IIH taught you the lesson it needed you to learn to get back on the saddle, and now you are back on the path again to the Great Work.

Now, maybe I’m just thinking into it way too much, and it was just all a coincidence but if this tome of magick was a gift from the Heavens. I’m ok to think that this was all planned out in such a way. I feel that if you come into IIH with the mindset of “enriching your life” as supposed to the former, you will have a much easier time achieving results.