The sphere of Saturn was something I kinda avoided….I just didn’t think I was ready and I was busy polishing up my elemental magick, I thought I was able to use the elements for anything.

I don’t think I’ve hit a plateau yet but I decided, since I’m trying to reinvigorate my practice that I might as well go for it, and that my practice and my current plans needs the flow of Saturn on it.

I prepared yesterday, I didn’t bother following any correspondence in regards to this..I just didn’t feel the need for it. I prepared myself as much as possible, I called my guides into my sacred space, and I chanted for awhile my choice of Saturns words of power.

I let its’ energies flow to me and there was some feedback, but nothing grandiose as one would expect from an initiation. I waited for a bit some more but since nothing of note was happening, I decided to conclude my working, closed everything off and called it a night.

As I tried to go to sleep, I felt very restless; my mind and body wanted to sleep but I just couldn’t. I started to feel a type of energy flowing into me, which from what I felt, could only be the flow of Saturn aligning to me.  I welcomed it and could feel the energy flowing deeper into me.

As I drifted to sleep, I was visited with visions of entities, energies, etc. It wasn’t one of those psychedelic trips, it was more of a darker tone to it. I never really fell into a deep sleep, it was one of those half in half out but I ended up dreaming…the tone of the dream was still dark but also of a light tone.

In the dream, I was in love with a girl and we were on a date (my sister and her friend was there as supporting cast); we went to a party and we went to spots that I normally hang out at but the tone was dark still, it felt like the tone was a victorian dark romance, it a modern setting, very Saturnian. I knew I was dreaming but eventually, I got sucked in to the events of the dream that I forgot, till the end when I woke up.

It was a very strange, and vivid turn of events. Was that some sort of initiation, or testing? I liked the vibe and the atmosphere of the whole things, mind you.

Hope I passed, lol.