In working on getting back to my fundamental practices, I’ve also restarted to remake my connection with entities that I have worked successfully with these past couple of years (which I’ve let astray these past couple of months).

LUCIFER: The Morningstar, I will prolly be always partially biased to this entity since it was one of the first entities I’ve worked with and had success with. Mind you, I don’t really ask it for anything – more so of a guiding type entity. Let its’ energies work on me and boost me where I am the weakest at.

NEW AVATAR POWER: The entities of NAP has been a success for me. The connection was instant and the results were astounding. As well, my connection with Arzel has been outstanding and I feel like it is always looking out for me.

LOCAL GENII: A surprise success for me, if I do say so myself. They are more effective for me in a targeted local tactical vantage point but I have been doing my offerings to them for quite some time now and when I need them to work, I have no problems and quite effective.

Now, for the most part, I have not been very successful connecting with the “mainstream” entities from our fields. The standard angelic and demonic entities of the Solomonic flavour, Chaos entities, the gods of Greek mythologies, the spirits of the Arbatel, the Norse Gods.

Mind you, there’s still a lot of them out there that I need to work with but I feel that I need a set of CHTHONIC entities to balance my practice. So now I search for new beings to make contacts with. I feel like I haven’t explored the entities of the Necronomicon enough, I might want to start there.

If any one has other ideas, feel free to give me a shout. :)