I’ve been away from the “game” from quite some time, 4 years to be exact, and I definitely just floundered around searching for my truth.

Didn’t practice, didn’t study – didn’t do anything related to magick besides the occasional energy work and attunements here and there. But in general, my mindset still constantly viewed the world around me in that shade; one foot in the mundane world while the other towards the beyond. Even though I didn’t train my skills, my mind still viewed things as such and it always tried to connect things through magick – the question of why was always asked.

To be honest, I’m glad I’ve taken those years off because it helped me view things and put them somewhat back in to perspective, helped me realize my essence again and why in the first place I was really into this.

So here we are, back in this world – lets have some fun.

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just your not so regular dude surfing through the synchronicity light-speed highway

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