Back In Black

Guess whose back, back again, shadys’ back – tell a friend, lol.

Well not exactly, not a 100% anyways.

I was gone for awhile, it was nothing mind shattering or anything. I just got sick, really sick, sick enough to be sent to the emergency room and hospitalised for weeks but I got through it, with less repercussions than I imagined.

With that said, I had to make changed to my lifestyle and prioritise certain bits.

What does this have to do w/ magick? I just thought it was interesting,  I had a thought, or I remembered something.

During my sickness, I lost 20 lbs – the difference was noticeable.  The thing was, I’ve always thought, or imagined, or visualised back then, years ago, that this would be one of the ways I would lose some weight. I always have this feeling of dejavu whenever something “major” occurs in my life; girl I liked I wanted to break up w/ guy – it eventually came true, wanted to lose weight, imagined getting really sick – it came true. Certain places, certain events – I feel a certain dejavu occurs.

Is it me receiving visions, or is it me manifesting long term?