A Portrait Of The Occult Blogosphere

The blog-o-sphere has been quiet for some time now and there has been ideas circulating as to why it is but I think for the most part, people are just starting to graduate.

There are pretty much 2 types of people who used to blog; a) are the people who just want to share their experiences, you’ll see those types more in the folky magick types (witchcraft, hoodoo) or in a lesser degree, ceremonial and chaotes.

Type b) are/were the ones that used blogging as a platform to advertise to a certain extent their wares; courses, books, services, etc – but those types have already moved on to other social media platforms such a facebook or twitter.

It felt like in the beginning of the “BOOM” of the occult blog-o-sphere, it was a brand new shiny new toy/gizmo but I guess as time went by, it lost some of its’ lustre – blogging in general is something that you like or you don’t like; I’ve been blogging for years since I’ve discovered it, way before occult blogging in general, so I’ve stuck by it.

Most people would say that people have just moved on to other social media platforms but this happened in the occult forums as well. Most, if not, all of the respectable practitioners have gone underground or went into more secluded groups in the WWW.

I for one can only stand blogging and forums as a format to share and discuss research. It’s a hassle to search for information in a social media platform such as facebook, hassle to read through, hassle to comment and discuss.

It’s like the paradigm shifted with a whole bunch of us and it feels like we’ve all gone into hiding or gone deeper into the rabbit hole; it’s the same feeling when students are trying to finish their research paper/thesis. We all go deep and will maybe come out in the near future.

I for one am ok with the quietness. To me, it feels like more people are into their work more rather than posting things and worrying about view count.


5 thoughts on “A Portrait Of The Occult Blogosphere

  1. I see what you mean.

    A bit like Tuckman’s ‘Forming, Storming, Norrington, and Performing’. We have gone through the first 2 and are now in the 3rd.

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