Lucifer Devotional #DOMAGICK

I finally had some time to read through most of the posts that has been accumulating in my RSS feed for quite some time now and I stumbled upon a little #domagick trend/challenge that Andrieh Vitimus had started, you can visit his site to see the full details about the challenge but for my sake and purposes, I’m not officially doing that…I guess I’m just piggybacking on it somewhat, lol.

My decision making skills has been a little cloudy and lacklustre lately and I felt like I needed a little push. After a bit of contemplation, it hit me that I haven’t gotten in touch w/ the energies of Lucifer lately and maybe it’ll help balance /energize my sphere into action.

I started to chant his enns and almost instantly, I felt a little better, a little clearer. Mind you, I don’t like it when I need help of a deity to push me into action w/ something so mundane but TBH, I’m glad I did. Even the whole day, I felt clear, and that everything will go my way no matter what I chose.

So back to that whole piggybacking thing, I’m just going to do a small daily devotional to Lucifer; say a little prayer, recite his demonic enns, some contemplation with his energies. I normally do devotional for deities once a week or so, maybe even bi weekly. The purpose of that was more so to drop by an old friend, say hi, remind them that they have not been forgotten.

With this devotional I’m starting though, the purpose is to reacquaint myself in a much more focused direction and purpose.


7 thoughts on “Lucifer Devotional #DOMAGICK

    1. i have goals/quests in life but i don’t know about all consuming, it’s just not in my personality to be “consumed” w/ something – driven for something is much closer sentiment i guess.

      1. Try an obsession with a goal. Take over the world. Write new songs. Find a new model of physics. Something of the like

  1. I myself am very partial to the light bringer. One suggestion I have (has worked for me in the past to reconnect) on a piece of paper or parchment draw down the seal and symbols of lucifer in your own blood while chanting and intentionalising. Fold up this blood sigil and keep it in your left pocket on your person until it literally disintegrates.

    1. i’ve had lucifers sigil tattooed on my left arm for years now, it was my 2nd tattoo i think. that aspect of connecting has been covered, lol. it’s more like actively pursuing it now and integrating more in my life.

      1. Hell yeah! (Pun intended) ive had the Lucifer sigil tattoo right beneath my baphomet sigil. Good stuffs. One other thing I have done for myself and a connection to luciferian energies is to create an incanto, or “prayer” to Lucifer, usually the more personal the better. One can also just pervert/convert the lords prayer from Christendom to fit the model your looking for. In all I wish you a safe journey to your pursuits. Zazas zazas nasatanada zazas.

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