The Mr Black Experiment

Lately, I’ve been focusing on what makes me happy, and how I can translate that into the real world in a meaningful and practical way – my interest are so far and wide that it’s hard to find the things that tie them together, and the transmute them into some sort of effective way.

I mean, I got mad street cred for being a Bardonian follower but how can I translate that into the real world.

I think a couple of post ago, I ended up writing about how with my certain set of skills, I would be good at certain things – this phase is essentially an extension of that.

Of course, I’ve been delving into the tome of Ferriss; reading, watching as much material as my brain will allow me. I’ve been slowly picking up tips from him and integrating in my life.

For example, I’ve doubled/tripled my reading speed w/ just a couple of tips from one of his books. I actually have to slow it down because my brain is at near limit trying to process the information – it’s not use to processing that much information at once, I need to slowly let is accustom that this is the new way now and it better adapt.

I could feel my brain overheat, lol.

Anyways, I’ve been brainstorming on a couple of projects I’d like to get into. It really feels like, the first time in my life that I can accomplish anything w/ the tools I’ve acquired now – both mundane and magickal wise.

Work smart, not hard. 😀


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