Brain Magick

The brain itself is probably one of the most important parts, and aspects, of life – and of magick.

The way I see it, the brain is the computer that comes with the default OS (Win 7) and software – within that software, you can do plenty of hacks and tricks with it. As society and the world develops its knowledgebase, so does our default software – back then we were in DOS, command lines and batch files, now we are in Windows 10 especially catered to the current lifestyle.

By default, you already have something powerful that can store and process lots of information, analyse patterns, calculate complex problems, create art and music, modify your body to your wishes and achieve strength, speed, and agility. With a variety of software (specific training),  you can be whatever and whoever you want to be – and that is besides the hidden processes your brain does for you automatically (like breathing).

And then we find magick; magick is hackers OS flavour of choice because if we choose to, we can get to every nook or cranny of the system, or just be a casual user who likes to surf the WWW – we still have the option to access admin level work.

Similar to development cycles, we started off with UNIX command line and its flavours (Goetia, Witchcraft) to UBUNTU and the many flavours it comes with (IIH, NAP, Kaos Magick, Postmodern Magick).

Installing the magick software grants us different modules to work with, in a much more open sourced, line by line coding level. We can download programs, or create our own programs. The more we work with it, our OS and hardware gets upgraded kinda like overclocking your processor or streamlining your code to be more memory efficient.

Our brains are still unknown territory at this point but it is amazing. With the default software installed in it, we can already achieve levels of feats a magickian can only dream of. With this default OS, think of the many technological advancements we achieved throughout history

Now, upgrading to an open software, think of the potential we can work to achieve.


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