Magickal Plateau

I was discussing this recently with a couple of associates of mine, how a lot of practitioners seems to have quiet down, and not alot of new content is coming out – mind you, this was in the context of within our own niche community but this can be taken as well in regards to the whole magickal community, and blog-o-sphere in general. I think a couple tried to get something started, promising a couple of posts a week but it has not been a substantial increase

There’s just so many variables out there that can hold down a practitioners growth; be it lack of muse, life getting in the way, responsibilities, etc but it happens, to practitioners in general as a solitary experience but can also apply in our communities.

We just run out of things to say or write, maybe we don’t want to rehash and regurgitate materials that has already been written extensively about (my personal demon of choice, lol). We run into life issues that directs are efforts in magick towards it, not leaving time to play and experiment.

I thought about it and its’ kinda like the stereotype of how one deals with friends growing up; as kids, we are friends with everyone, robust environment and community surround us, and as we grow older till we reach “adulthood” – we rarely make any new friends, solidify the circle of friends you have (if any) and just go about doing your business.

If the new Star Wars Rogue One trailer has taught me anything, is that R E B E L – don’t be boring.

P.S: I would write solutions about “breaking” out of a plateau but I’m pretty sure the internet has that covered.

P.S.S: One of my friends, just quit our old job, and became a real estate agent, which I thought was cool. I always enjoy people who break out of their shell, take risk to become/reach whoever they want to be.


2 thoughts on “Magickal Plateau

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I know this book has been recommended to me beforehand as well but never got the chance to really read through it.

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