Goetia Conjuration – Making The Request

I did my ritual to Zepar, asking him to fulfil a request of mine.

Obviously it had something to do about lust because that is the realm he governs but to be honest; I just did it because a) I want to see what happens, & b) I want it to happen, lol. The parameters is difficult but not that difficult, lets just say that it would need an obvious amount of supernatural intervention for the request to actually work.

A little bit of background, I performed a ritual to influence someone to be smitten for me. Now the easy part is I know we have some chemistry together so actual attraction is not hard, the kicker is that there’s only a little amount of ways for us to contact one another – all of these variables has to do with her taking the first step as I threw out her number already.

Us accidentally meeting each other on the side street is difficult variable to assume that can happen but her phoning me is not that hard at all. I am easily reachable through our associates, it’s up to Zepar to influence her to call me so I can take the next steps and set something up.

Well, I am assuming this by taking to account the laws of magick that I hold true so lets see where I end up with this.

I performed the rituals that I needed to do; visualize his seal while speaking his words of power. I then spoke my general Zepar rite, and the request that I written out. I made it short and sweet, easily understandable and straight to the point.

I changed it up though, or I was already planning to do this but I’ve never actually done it in real time, by using my pendulum to do the checks that I wanted to clear; did I make proper contact? how long will this take? what kind of reimbursement if necessary?

I confirmed that I did make proper contact, my request was clear and received, it will take around 2 weeks for results to show, I did not need to make an offering and I don’t need to perform the ritual again.

I’m hoping that if this is successful, it helps to prove that polishing your “spiritual authority” is enough to ensure a successful ritual, and that materia, words of power, and or gimmicks are not necessary to access these kinds of powers.

P.S: Not that I’d want for it to happen but I’d rather Zepar proves my theory by actualizing my request, and then fucking me up after, rather than fucking me up by not actually granting my request.

P.S.S: There’s an actual real reason as to why I chose to work with Zepar, and not just for the extra benefits of getting M A D laid, lol. If successful, I’m planning to use his expertise in a way that still works with his realm, but the application is very very unconventional.


2 thoughts on “Goetia Conjuration – Making The Request

    1. i’m not very tight on the deadline so i’ll probably check the week past it but nothing so far,
      but its not like the whole week has passed. fingers crossed, lol.

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