Goetia Conjuration – The Beginning With Zepar

I started my initial work with Goetia. First up was Zepar, it’s a Great Duke that is in charge of causing lust for men and women.

I decided to work with Zepar because well, you know, who doesn’t like extra sex (lol) but mostly, I can control variables and see where I am making a mistake at. With money, you can get some money, you can get a lot of money but it isn’t as consistent as a variable. With seduction magick though, it’s either you get a girl, or you don’t. Nothing in between.

So I did my research as much as I can, I like knowing alot of things before getting to a new endeavour. Just knowing stuff about my next project helps me feel secure, knowledge is power. My thinking, it’s better to know stuff that could be helpful later on rather than not knowing stuff and getting into a bind.

Taking it nice and slow, I decided to do an “introductory rite” for Zepar. Did my whole ritual (elemental energy accumulation, spiritual authority reinforcement, zone rite) to get to my zone and proceeded to say out my rite, introducing myself and what I would like to eventually gain while working with him. I did a repetition of its demonic enns, 40x I think, and I just relaxed while visualizing the seal.

One thing I noted though was that as I did the mantra repetition, around the 20’s mark, I started getting impatient and my mind was near wandering state at times. I managed to pull it all together but just that lapse in focus surprised me. 40x repetitions is nothing for me these days, I’ve done alot of this my whole life now. I just thought that was odd for me.

Around right when the repetitions ended, I felt energy wrapping around me. If I described Lucifers energy as frazzled wild energy, I could only describe the energy sensation when I communicated with Zepar as “catty”…… It’s hard to describe, I know, but when the energy first hit me, that was the description that quickly popped in my head, and once I started to contemplate more about this energy around me, it kinda makes sense.

The energy was cool and calm and aloof, just like a cat when its out strolling about. I didn’t get any warnings, nor any negative omens so I assume that everything is ok. Normally, when something is gonna go wrong or way off, you can initially tell so I got nothing that alerted the spider sense.

On a side note, one should always try to do a divination to see where you stood in regards to your ritual. Even though I didn’t do a formal one, experience is one of the standards I go by anyways, and omens is a form of divination.

I let myself bask in this energy for awhile, then spoke my “license to depart” rite and I dispelled my magick zone.

That was an interesting experience, these are the types of energies I normally do not work with so these sensations are new to me, one can get addicted to these if one is not careful.

Another thing I should note is that I didn’t get any proper sleep after this, just like when I did the Lucifer ritual. I finally got to properly sleep last night, after smoking alot of weed and putting on some jazz (lol) but the previous nights, I was too wired, I couldn’t even take proper naps.

So now, I’m about to work on actual request and results.

I’m working on a communication system with the pendulum right now, nothing fancy or anything, just a couple of ABCD answers that I need answered to measure success.

I like passive methods of communication in regards to entity communication, it reminds me of that scene in The Martian where Matt Damon had to communicate with NASA via a hexadecimal system, that’s what I feel when I communicate with entities from other planes of existence.

Going to define my request, then do the ritual later on. I will try not to do it too late as I need to wake up early tomorrow.

Now, lets have some fun shall we?


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