The All-Star Team

I’ve been trying to decide which “system” or cadre of spirits I want to work with next, I’ve pretty much reached a near expert level in regards to the entities of NAP so I want to move on from them.

I’ve been meaning to work with the Goetia but my initial attempts haven’t blossomed to anything worth mentioning. I’ve tried Demonaltry as well but I was only interested in working with Lucifer. The Olympic Spirits just didn’t feel right for me, not too flexible. The Greek Gods wasn’t responsive to my communications. Norse Gods, I just didn’t find a good foothold to connect with, even though I am fond of Odin and his work. The Necronomicon, maybe I’ll save that for an experimentation sort of work, I’m not too keen on working on something that could be made up or not. Also, the Babylonian entities – I don’t feel connected with them at all so I probably won’t go through that path. I worked with some Saints on the past as well but NAP was more effective for me (effective for me = quick and concise). Ancestral work, and dead spirits, was not something I was interested working with. I only work with the Genuis Loci in a more of a “hello neighbour” status, I don’t actually put them to work. I’m not actively working with my HGA as well but I know she’s around watching me so her status is more of a guardian and backup, which works for both of us.

I’m pretty sure I am missing a bunch of grimoires that I can work with but alas, while I do want to have some fun doing the Great Work, I also want to be effective as well, I have to manage my time and unfortunately for those other grimoires, I just didn’t have the exposure like I did with the ones I mentioned above. Maybe once I’ve done through my last rounds, I can start snooping around for other grimoires to work with (I hear ya Ars Goetia, lol, I didn’t miss you)

So where does that leave me then?

I am trying to build relationships with a balanced roster. While I am going for this, I also want to be effective, not establishing communication just for the sake of communication, I want to learn and advance my work and my goals through their help. I want to be effective.

I am going to work with the Goetia again, a little more practised this time around, a little more focused. I’m going to start from the bottom and work my way to the top of the hierarchy while leaving out the nasty ones, and the ones that I probably won’t need to work with at all (maybe I’ll say hello though). I plan on starting with Zepar (for fun) and for Renove (educational purposes).

I still have the Elemental Kings to work with, which I am going to start soon as well. I want to advance my work with elemental magick and I think I need to start assimilating them into my practice.

I was also thinking of starting to work with the entities from the Strategic Sorcery grimoire. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any field reports on them recently so I don’t know the efficacy of their work but I like how their descriptions shows them to be quite flexible and grounded to the needs of the material planes and us humans.

The Bardonian entities, I am saving this for last. I feel like saving them as the equivalent of getting a PHD in the Hemetic Bardonian Tradition.

I still have much to do, and much to learn.


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