Why Your Magick Fails

You see this girl in the office, she is pretty and well liked, you talk to her for a bit, you gain some rapport, and you suddenly feel like you’ve found the one – and then she goes cold, starts talking to someone else, you become the Invisible Man.

So whats’ a guy got to do?

You search the interwebs; NLP, Speed Seduction, Hypnosis (lol) and then you found some sites about love spells; Wiccan Love Spells Here, Hoodoo Love Oils To Bring Her To You, Force Seduction, the works.

You’ve always had some occult leanings in the family anyways so you decide to do a love spell. You follow the recipe as much as possible but some things do not make sense so you wing it. You make your plea to the heavens as emotional as you can.

And then you wait..

And wait….

And wait…..

And nothing happens…..

You go back to the interwebs, go to some forums, ask why your spell didn’t work? You check out some other posts and see that others have gotten results with this so you try again.

And then you wait..

And wait….

And wait…..

And nothing happens…..

Back at the interwebs, cursing at magick now, protesting at anyone who will hear and preaching to the top of the world that magick is fake and all magickians and sorcerers are deluded.

You go back in the office, and you see your “girl” again and you smile at her, she smiles back, your heart skips a beat, only to realize she is smiling at the guy behind you.

You’re crushed.

You go back at the interwebs, try another spell, desperately wanting to have her when you never actually owned her to begin with.

And then you wait..

And wait….

And wait…..

And nothing happens…..

And the vicious circle begins again.

Sounds familiar?

I was doing some research on the interwebs, and I was going through a bunch of discussion post, and I always spot the poster whose magick failed them to get what they desire, be it money, love, or power – they become bitter and disgruntled in regards to the arte and move on.

Personally, I feel that it’s the best for them to do so.

There are plenty of reasons why magick fails; you’re not trained enough, your technique is off, there was something off with the ritual, your approach was wrong – plenty of variables that can even deter a seasoned veteran.

While these things can affect your spell work, the main thing I notice that affects all of these are the aspirants mindset; their desperation to achieve success affects all of the variables mentioned above. A seasoned veteran can manage this type of mental issue but a newbie will not be able to do so, especially when they are so invested in the outcome. I believe this is one of the main factors that degenerates ones work because seasoned magickians can perform emergency magick with success but it’s always the newbies that fails from the get go.

I understand, you gotta do what you gotta do, and even with this post, you will probably go for it anyways. For an actual aspirant of the Great Work, these are the types of things you have to worry about in such an early stage of your work.

For the types who just wanted to achieve success, they’ll probably move on anyways and this wisdom will just fall on deaf ears.

Do. Learn. Think. Do It Again.


One thought on “Why Your Magick Fails

  1. I think this is a fairly common trait amongst people, both in the Occult and out. It’s a natural test of intent and desire: the ones who really want it will continue until they achieve it (whatever “it” may be) and the ones who don’t won’t.

    But I agree, it’s a fine line between a strong desire and a wilful desperation. Some, unfortunately, never learn the distinction.

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