All Hail, The Morning Star

I haven’t done any work with Lucifer recently so I felt like I should touch base, especially since I’m planning to go through the Goetia soon and I want to cover all the bases. I want to get some results working with the entities of the Goetia, so far my past workings haven’t harvested any good, or if any, results. I know Lucifer is not part of the Goetia but I’d like to have the big bad himself on my side when I go for it.

The premises that I am going with are…..

  • Some of the entities in it are straight out B A D, and some are just mis-labeled.
  • The results should come in, quick and dirty.
  • Don’t bother with the Kings for now.
  • Simple rituals for evocation.
  • Going to climb the Goetic ladder; start from the bottom all the way to the top.

So like I said, I decided to re-establish contact with Lucifer and try to get his forces in my sphere again. I think I’ve established enough work with him that I don’t have to go through all the hoops so I did not go for a full ritual.

With these kinds of work, I like to go for the contact right before I go to sleep, so I can get some communications via my dreams.

I did my rituals to establish my spiritual authority. When I feel like I need some “holy” forces established quickly, and by default, I start saying my Catholic fundamental prayers. It helps to clear my mind, put me in the right state, basically cleanse and stabilize my energies.

I then began my zone rite to pull in the Chthonic energies and I visualized Lucifers’ seal while softly speaking his name, and what I wanted. Just a general rite, nothing fancy; asking for wisdom, power, and strength. I repeated for a couple of minutes, till I was near sleepiness.

I closed off everything and went to sleep.

Then, for what seems like an hour of sleep – I work up, frazzled energy buzzing all over me, everything was so vivid but blurry as well. It was a very weird experience. I could feel energy all over me but not the normal primordial elements I was accustomed to – like I said, I could only describe it as frazzled.

I didn’t think it was a dream but it seems like I was hearing noises, like someone calling at me of sorts (not clear, more like a “psst” remark).  I was looking around for what seems like presences around me. My computer was already asleep but my external hard drive was still powered on (which shouldn’t be because once the computer goes to sleep, so does that external hard drive) and it was blinking at me weird – like long continuous light, then blinked a couple of times, paused, blinked a couple of times, then continuous light, then turned off. I thought it was so bright, and so annoying, since everything was dark but that was exceptionally bright.

Eventually, I tossed and turned, and went to “sleep”. “_____” because it didn’t feel like I slept at all when I “woke” up this morning, I was just a mess; sleepy and groggy.

I didn’t sense any anger or danger, i didn’t get any messages in my dreams either. That whole event was odd but it didn’t really bear any differences to me. I’m just going to chalk it off as connecting too much and my body was not prepared for the type of energy I was gonna get feed backed with.

Now, off to planning how to go about working with the Goetia.


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