Limitless Possibilities

Why are you trying so hard to hold on to the person you were before…..

You know as practitioners of the wibbly wobblidy of the natural sciences, we have the potential to achieve great things, become the type of people who can achieve the next level of human potential.

But people fear that ever constant force in the world that cannot be stopped – it’s called change. Some people, even us of the magi kind, has a hard time dealing with this.

I was reading something and the quote above caught my eye, and it made me think (ooh boy).

What am I scared of?

I am a person who is well of in life who pretty much grabbed whatever I wanted and went for it and for the most part, succeeded, and I am also a sorcerer who deals with the energies that binds and encroaches every fabric of reality (lol, not that awesome as that line suggest).

I am a winner, in every stereotypical way possible, but as I reach the third month of my retreat – I find myself still lost… Not lost in as to who I am and what makes me tick, more so lost in how I want to approach the world, what kind of journey should I take.

I spent alot of time in my retreat, contemplating, planning whats my next step, etc etc but that restlessness was still inside of me, the uncertainty and anxiety and every time that happened, I repeated to myself the main theme of this whole retreat (which is “patience”) till I calm down and eventually, things are beginning to become clearer for me.

Now time to take that first step and just go with the flow.


2 thoughts on “Limitless Possibilities

  1. Since you mention it in the title but not in the article, how about a shout-out to the show LIMITLESS itself? I’m finding it a fascinating look at personality magic, as well as both a worth sequel to the film and a superb show in its own right.

    1. good eye, lol. TBH, I just didn’t want to do a review on the TV show and movie on this blog so I was thinking of writing something for it but I’m still trying to figure out an angle for it.

      Limitless is such a trove of ideas I find it surpasses just personality magick, that if looked as a skill, can translate to other aspects of magick.

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