Initiation Into Hermetics Beginners Tips

I get these questions sometimes, and I see alot of would be practitioners out there struggle with getting past the first few steps of Initiation Into Hermetics, and to be honest – I can see why.

The material itself is not very digestible, linguistic wise, and there’s a lot of “elitist” out there who would rather have these aspirants figure it out or quit. Overall, help is not something that is given so freely and there is so few of us who are willing to help.

I also do not want to hold an aspirants hands through the steps – it took me a while as well but I eventually figured it out so instead of doing a step by step guide, I would rather give out some tips that can help advance an aspirant along the path.

With that said, I might ruffle some “pure” Bardonians out there with these tips…..

  1. Be Patient: Don’t be in a rush. If you are trying to learn magick because there is an emergency that magick can resolve, don’t bother – it’s not going to work out for you. If you hit a plateau, take a step back, do other things, then go back to the material. I find that re-visiting a step after stepping back and doing other things gives a new perspective.
  2. Don’t Be Stuck On Meditation: It helps lower and control the noise, which is needed to do inner alchemy and connect to subtle energies out there but this is not necessary for magick; a cool, calm, focused mind is what is mostly needed. Do the exercises but do not get hung up on it. It’s a lifelong learning process to enjoy meditation to its’ fullest extent.
  3. Start Doing The Elemental Energy Exercise: Step IV is Bardons version of the Western Middle Pillar/Eastern Kundalini. Start doing this exercise as soon as you can. This is where your foundation for your magick is.
  4. Authority: The B&W Soul Mirrors – not many people ask about this exercise, and I’d like to assume because they are doing this in private but I think not many are doing this at all, and are so stuck on the meditation steps that they don’t realize how important this step is. Not only does this exercise mentally balance your elemental makeup (which coincidentally helps balance your spiritual makeup as well) but it also strengthens your “authority” in magick (spiritual authority, true will, whatever you want to call it). This is actually quite important as it affects your energy work, working with entities, etc.
  5. Be Flexible: Read and explore other traditions. I’ve had many paths and many masters on this journey (figurative masters, I’ve only had 1 real master in my life) and all those things helped me figure out things in IIH and think of new ideas on how to approach and study this book.

IIH is a flexible, and quite a powerful book of initiation for aspirants. I want more practitioners to enjoy this book and be able to explore the other books that Bardon wrote. Hope these tips help you as they have helped me in my journey.

Limitless Possibilities

Why are you trying so hard to hold on to the person you were before…..

You know as practitioners of the wibbly wobblidy of the natural sciences, we have the potential to achieve great things, become the type of people who can achieve the next level of human potential.

But people fear that ever constant force in the world that cannot be stopped – it’s called change. Some people, even us of the magi kind, has a hard time dealing with this.

I was reading something and the quote above caught my eye, and it made me think (ooh boy).

What am I scared of?

I am a person who is well of in life who pretty much grabbed whatever I wanted and went for it and for the most part, succeeded, and I am also a sorcerer who deals with the energies that binds and encroaches every fabric of reality (lol, not that awesome as that line suggest).

I am a winner, in every stereotypical way possible, but as I reach the third month of my retreat – I find myself still lost… Not lost in as to who I am and what makes me tick, more so lost in how I want to approach the world, what kind of journey should I take.

I spent alot of time in my retreat, contemplating, planning whats my next step, etc etc but that restlessness was still inside of me, the uncertainty and anxiety and every time that happened, I repeated to myself the main theme of this whole retreat (which is “patience”) till I calm down and eventually, things are beginning to become clearer for me.

Now time to take that first step and just go with the flow.

My Own System Of Divination

In keeping with my goal(s) this year to solidify my practices, I decided to employ my own system of astragalomancy (dice divination in laymens terms I suppose).

Throughout this journey, I’ve employed many a systems of divination to soothe my needs; I’ve gone from the traditional geomancy, to the somewhat exotic flavours of mo divination, to various flavours of cartomancy and towards the ever so predominant pendulum divinations.

To be honest though, I never really “grooved” with any of the systems I mentioned above, the way I felt I should have; and to be fair, maybe I didn’t spend enough time to learn the system and there are many wonderful techniques I missed out in the more advanced sections of systems but I can tell if I am hooked to something or not, and sadly, I was not for the most part.

Mind you, I did like certain aspects of some of the systems I worked with and it probably shows in my system of divination as I took all the things I liked from the others, and made it my own.

To be fair, this is probably where I am heading with all of my techniques.

It’s not like I dropped all of the systems I work with; pendulum, omens, bibliomancy are systems that I still work with when I need another angle but my system is the one I’ve been using for the most part, even with clients, and to a startling success. I really thought I would have to break it in a little bit before I’ve gotten the results that I wanted.

So here’s the breakdown as to why I decided to go this way;

I didn’t want long, complicated, tiresome “ritualistic” methods. I tried to stay away from a binary sort of interaction. I didn’t want a “set” style of divinations outcome.

I really love dices – it’s something that has been a part of me for the longest time, even pre-sorcery years so I knew I had to incorporate that. Dices are one of the reasons I end up gravitating towards geomancy and mo as well. It worked out for me because I wanted something compact, didn’t want a layout extensive sort of system like in cartomancy.

I then wanted an intuitive divination system.

I didn’t like the systems where it gave me the results (or had a predetermined dictionary I had to check with) already because for the most part, it didn’t fit with what I felt like the narrative of how the reading is going. Some readings just felt like it didn’t fit with what was going on, I ran to this issue for the most part with mo but in general as well. I wanted a flexible system.

I also wanted a system that flows better with my own foundational system, which is Bardons Hermetics so I ended up thinking about this aspect when I was working on its’ creation.

I also wanted as much information as possible, and in a way that I approach things.

So I ended up creating a 5 dice astragalomancy system that is compact, flexible, and can work with the past, present and the future.

I’m really happy with it, maybe I’ll write about it one of these days when I feel like I’ve really dug in it. It’s been great working with past issues but I feel like I can do some more work with it in regards to future divination.