Hacking The Arcana

My last post, I wrote about psions & mages and how I particularly see no difference in what they are trying to do, just different flavours I suppose.

In theory, an open minded skilled sorcerer should be able to tap into those “mental” forces and work with it and an open minded psion should be able to learn how to tap into the raw elements and work with it;  a chaote should be able to do it with ease to transition on both paradigms (lol).

I worked on my new computer build yesterday, I thought of what kind of mods I can do with it, hardware and software (to be honest, I Ebay splurged a couple of hours ago so parts should be coming in mid-March). I have so many ideas that I’m afraid I’m going to go under debt. I don’t need any of those builds, I just like making it, making it better, faster, cooler. (My next build is gonna be way awesome’er, lol)

Anyways, the point is that this is how my brain works, I’m a hacker / modder / inventor / alchemist / sorcerer all in one; I like modding computers, I like hacking Win7, I like building cool computers out of old pieces, I like working with old pieces, I like hacking apart my cars, modding them to be faster, cooler, etc etc. My basement and garage are filled with ongoing, failed, or completed projects.

With that said, magick is reality hacking at its’ best for me, it’s lifehacking on G O D Mode but even though I am so fond with magick – I am not excited to “hack” it. It could be due to my age, I’ve been in this game for so long that maybe everything has lost it’s lustre and I am just a jaded fool?

Nah, lol.

I’ve been hacking and modding computers since I was 12, since I got my hands on a x386 with just 2 5′ floppy drives – no hard drive just a DOS floppy disk to my AMD dual monitor system for gaming and music recording. I am still excited to work with computers, to this day.

Don’t get me wrong, I do get certain modding urges with magick – like I’ve recently completed working on my own system of divination (it’s basically out for a spin and I’ve been using it since) and certain ideas here and there but they are a few far in between, and it seems like I am the only one in this boat.

I wonder why?

P.S: Going to end it here, I can rant for hours about this…..:P

Smartphone Technomancy

TBH, I was a little against this when I first started – it wasn’t that I was being elitist to the more “natural” tools, it’s just that I’ve been using them for so long that I didn’t feel comfortable parting with them but since I’ve slowly been transitioning to full use – I can barely part with it.

The smartphone is probably one of the things I can’t leave or forget once I leave the house. It has been such an indispensable tool IRL, as well as a tool for a sorcerer.

  • My favourite and personal working grimoires are all in PDF.
  • References of sigils, seals, etc.
  • MP3 of chants, experimental magickal music, etc.
  • Utilities; such as lights, canvas for quick sigils, white noise, etc.
  • Divination tool for personal and clients.
  • Training reminder and notes.

So many free apps that can be used and customized to personal needs. They even have apps now catered for paranormal investigators like EMF detectors. (I have to check out if that is even a legit claim)

As well, I’ve used my cell for divination and focusing sometimes by staring at the blank screen and I’ve used the “pen” as a tool to focus intent or as a link. I’ve used texts and emails to cast spells over distances.

Point is, an ingenious sorcerer will be able to use anything at any point to their advantage; if you like using the traditional tools then go ahead. For me, I need to modularize my tools and this was one of the way of being able to pack as much as I need in one tool.