Shadow Man and Shadow People

I was watching one of those paranormal investigation TV shows the other day. They were doing an investigation on a house and they used the term “shadow man” to describe a ghost of a previous person trying to manifest itself onto the physical realm.

They went on to explain that “shadow people” on the other hand, are entities that were never human trying to manifest onto the physical realm.

Shadowman are described as looking like a normal shadow of a person while shadowpeople are described to be much bigger, foot taller and broader shoulders.

This was an interesting term I’ve never heard of but something that falls into what I’ve experienced beforehand.

I’ve limited experiences with ghost (or aka shadowman) and from what I’ve experienced, they were on the extreme side of things; either a full apparition showed up or no apparition but physical manifestation of some sort (alot of TK happening, I guess the professional paranormal investigators would call that a “poltergeist”).

Now, other worldly entities (aka shadowpeople) description is something that lines up, especially when I work with Lucifer (or other Chthonic entities) and I have to deal with his vassals. I don’t understand the logic behind the naming and terminology but it is interesting.


7 thoughts on “Shadow Man and Shadow People

      1. I try to keep in mind the multiple perspectives of everyone. I realize a layman will use shadow people while you may be more specific.

  1. My experience kind of indicates that there is a weird waiting-room like realm (which exists between the places people usually mention when discussing astral projection) and the entities that exist there seem to match the description you’ve referenced here. I’ve never felt particularly threatened by them though.

    1. i never really investigated their origins, the cases themselves show extreme manifestation.

      personally, i could see that happening but i agree with you as well, i’ve never actually felt any threat from the ones i came across. to me, it’s just the same ol’ business until one actually steps up and tries to claw my head off, lol.

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