06.01.2014 Project Updates

PERSONAL PRACTICE: Not really alot of new things going on, some stuff here and there that are new and exciting (secret projects, lol), more so alot of field work and alot of practical work. Just refining, and refining my techniques.

Been working on my lack of discipline, been getting better at it, don’t know how I lost my edge.

Have to work on my physical aspect, need to have better lower body flexibility. Thinking of working on some basic yoga then.

STUDIES: Been reading IIH again, some fiction and non-fictional books not exclusively related to magick (getting some inspiration), also been going through the Black Pullet Grimoire.

CONJURATIONS: Been working w/ the entities of the Black Pullet. 50/50 success so far.

MISC: Been busy w/ new ideas but nothing groundbreaking going…

Open Source Magick

You know, I like to contemplate on a lot of things, that’s what I primary do whenever I’m not actually doing practical magickings, and one of the thoughts that I happen to meditate on was the idea of revolution in magick and open source magick…

Personally, even though I see alot of material on magick in general these days, it’s just alot of the same things; this and that, named w/ a fancy name, fancy dressings, but the root fundamental of it all are the same things.

While we are in an era where information across the globe is easily accessible, we haven’t gone in the phase where we start refining this information into something solid and absolute.

I know it’s hard and there’s alot of issues; like social responsibilities, greed, secrecy, obligations, pride and ownership, etc. I completely understand though, I don’t wanna share all my hard earned secrets, things that I managed to understand after I put in the hours. I do understand that there’s a certain pride w/ being a master of a certain system.

I completely understand.

But with that said, where are the masters who are willing to put all that issues aside and just say “Fuck it, here are the fundamentals of this systems practice, feel free to analyze and make it better if possible.” Not even masters but just practitioners in general.

I know my attitude about this issue stems from my background in computers and the hacker movement but doesn’t the comparison seem the same? If we went open source already, we’d be churning out advancements in a couple of decades or so.

Think of the possibilities….

NOTE: Even as I wrote this article, I thought to myself, kinda hypocritical of me since I myself, has not released anything on this blog…We’ll, I used to but those posts were deleted since I restarted this blog. I will restart. :)

Wandering Shadow Self

Since I’ve upped my magick level years ago and has been in touch w/ my various guides, it has been reported to me that my “shadow” self seems to like to wander around people that I’ve worked with or clients whom I’ve had particularly close ties to.

I just brought it up since yesterday, a client of mine had a dream of Godzilla and he felt that it was me…lol. While I do a mean Godzilla impersonation, I can honestly say I’m not surprised.

Fuck, my shadow self has put on more air miles than I have…he’s been to parts of Europe, Australia, parts of Canada, US, UK…WTF?

Granted, the Godzilla bit is something new – I’ve heard that the most common form my shadow self takes is a lion. I’ve also heard that my shadow self is a little kinky with some (*high five*).

What kind of a degenerate is this guy?

I’ve done some work with my shadow self but I’ve actually never continued or has been granted formal introductions to it. I was especially intrigued with the idea of the type of perspective it will have.

I should really get back to that and see where it goes.

I Am A Selfish King

Inherently, I don’t hold much value to wealth and money..To me, it’s a means to an end, a tool to use for my benefit.

So as a king who does value his kingdom, what do I cherish the most – my people; my family, my friends, my associates, my contacts, my clients, my internet friends, my muggle friends, even people whom I just generally meet from time to time, those who wishes to be at my side – I want them all to be at my side, and I want to keep them.

To me, they are my greatest treasures and I will do everything in my power to keep them at my side, safe and happy. They make me happy, they entertain me, they keep me sane, they provide me with new pleasures and experiences.

Even though I knew about this for a long time now, I never knew to how much of an extent I will act on to keep them in my fold.

Recently, I performed certain acts of magick to banish one person from my department, so I can keep a certain one close to me. Let’s just say my main boss was cheesed that this happened but I am much happier that this occured..I was so invested in this that when things weren’t going my way, I was disheartened to say the least. But my magick has pulled through, even though it was a bit shaky and now I have what I wanted.

But my care for people is my biggest strength, and my biggest weakness – many a times have I been burned because of my blind optimistic trust of others, and while that has happened, I still cannot change my ways because the prospect of new experiences is something I can never let go.

So I am a selfish king, a king who will do anything for his subjects, who expects the same level of commitment from them as he has given them.

Do You Like Your Life?

I was reading one of the posts in my feed and there was a reply about some BIG pagan topic about financials and how being poor is a reflection of ones magickal skillz…. *rolls eyes out of boredom* To be fair, the article and the responses afterwards were somewhat interesting.

TBH, I’m not really a money type of guy – I know it’s a means to an end and that it can make the world go round and round but I am not interested in having it control my life – these days, I make money to support myself and not live in grandiose sort of life. Once I fulfill my obligations, I want to become a wandering sorcerer – just because wandering martial artist taking on dojos is not a big thing in Canada…I guess being a wandering sorcerer isn’t as well, lol.

It might sound really weird, but I am not here in this world to gain money for the sake of material things. nor do I need an abundance to support the ones I love. I make enough while still supporting my dreams. I know deep in my soul that I am not interested, that I can live a life of simplicity and meagerness when the time comes. I am not stupid though and am prepared to do what it takes to gain more, I have options.

I got a little side-tracked there….

So after reading that article, one line really jumped up to me since this is something I am interested on…

Do you like your life?


For all the things we do, the things we try to gain, the things we try to achieve – this pretty much sums up the question that makes, or breaks us all.

Money will not make you happy, lots of sex will not make you happy, drugs will not make you happy, driving fast cars will not make you happy, etc etc. All of the things mentioned above are not the end of things, but the means to the end.

And what is the end, the bottom line of it all?

Are you truly happy with your life? Do you like your life?

This is my favorite quote since I was a wee lad learning the world though the eyes of the philosophers of the old..

An unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates


What this single line from Socrates taught me was that of introspection. To continually examine your goals and dreams and to make sure that what you are doing is how you want to lead your life, till that destined day occurs.

The rest is having the courage to seek and achieve.

So, are you truly happy with your life?

Agents Of Seduction

I am starting a new project this month or so, to go along with the current projects I have running, which I have aptly dubbed “Agents Of Seduction” (or Club AOS, still undecided – thinking of making it super classy).

This project might initially look as “the lonely boys” clubhouse but I am looking at it in a different POV.

For me, I see it as a means to hold and gain power to protect the things you cherish the most, be it people or material items – it’s basically following the old muggle axiom it’s not what you know but who you know.”

As well, this project follows Bardons teaching of introspection – knowing thyself and building oneself to a better one.

Basically, I will be combining simple magickal and muggle tips that will enhance ones selves to achieve the means to gain what our hearts truly desire. Be it a companion that will travel with you through many adventures or contacts that will allow you to expand your endeavours. I will be using myself as a guinea pig to test out theories and techniques which I will share through this blog, whether it’s a failure or a success.

Be it a sorcerer or a simple 9-5 muggle, we’ve all struggled at one point in our lives connecting to others or had been dismayed at some point in our lives by others. This projects hopes to guide others to a new future, and hopefully a better one.

It all starts from within, which then expands outwards – thus affecting the world as we see fit.