TY Demons of the Black Pullet

This has been long overdue but I would like to say a personal thank you to the demons of the black pullet who has helped me with a certain issue of mine weeks ago. I meant to write this post of gratitude in this blog as well but have forgotten.

I really did appreciate what was done to make my life, a little bit easier, even though now – I pay the price for it.

C’est la vie. :)

07.03.2014 Project Updates

I haven’t very active in the online magickal scene recently, mostly as you can tell from the lack of posting in the interwebs and a lack of presence in the many boards I lurk around to.

I’ve stopped taken clients again, for the most part, and have dealt with everyone that was in my “books” per se.

Mostly because I’ve been trying to deal with what seemingly has piled up loose ends in my life, stuff that needs to get handled but has been forgotten or merely ignored due to tardiness (most likely the cause, I just don’t like working lol).

So my projects have split towards these little groupings (subject to change mind you);

BODY:  Been working on the little kinks that popped up during my inactivity; healing certain parts, strengthening certain parts. I’ve been meaning to lose more weight but I’m trying to figure if magick can help at all as my body is genetically one of those that loses weight with great difficulty. I will still do the dirty work but I would like magick to expedite things. Lots of things to work on in this end.

MIND: Been meditating more, focusing my will and determination, contemplating on many things, working on things to keep it sharp and focused. Will work on memory tricks eventually to help me memorize more things in a much more efficient manner.

SPIRIT: Been doing my meditation and energy work. Synchronicity is up in regards to Jupiterian, no real update in regards to the Venusian side of things though.


  1. Work on harnessing and using Venusian forces more.
  2. Lose 60 LBS.
  3. Advance my musical career.

Lots to do so expect to see less of me, lol, online.

Perpetual N00B

I would like to say I’ve reach grandmaster mastery of everything magickal and sorcerous but I have not, even though I’ve hit the decade mark of learning and studying the arcane arts, even though I hear whispers from clients, friends and colleagues that I’ve reached a certain level of mastery, I still don’t feel it – I still feel that I am a perpetual n00b.

Those old words of Socrates really stuck to me…..

It’s not like I’m not progressing, I am, but there is still so much to learn and explore. Even my preferred choice of practice/system, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

But you know what, I kinda like it being in this state.. Always ready and eager to learn new and exciting things, ready to test and experiment the things that I have been shown, excited to try out the things that I’ve learned in the real world.

To the perpetual noob…. salut!

An Antagonist

You know what makes a great movie or a great novel? Some might say it’s the struggle of the protagonist, their journey, etc etc – but who do they come up against to reach that goal?

The Antagonist,

Without a great antagonist, there would be no source of struggle to overcome. Think of movies like Fight Club where the antagonist turned out eventually to be his own psyche. How would the movies turn out without Jack Torrence, Hannibal Lecter or even The Big Bad Wolf. What would Batman do without The Joker, Superman w/o Lex Luthor, Spidey Vs Carnage, etc.

So what makes a great antagonist then?

To sum it up, I believe that they never think they are the bad guys – that they think they are the good guys, and their belief and choices are the correct ones, and that anyone who stands in their way are the villains.

Why did I bring this little topic up then?

Yes, I brought it up because I think I’m an antagonist, that I pretty much fall into that stereotype. Some might point out that maybe I fall under the “anti-hero” clause but I disagree since anti-heroes tend to know they are doing the wrong things but justify the means with the ends.

I think that’s how I view my actions when performing magick and receiving the results of it from the universe; be it a small love spell, finance charm, or just general magick in general. I fully believe that I am right, and that my actions are correct, and that it should be done, and consequences be damn.

So really, what’s the difference between me and the bad guy, lol?

[EDIT] I should really let these rants simmer, I dislike spelling and grammar mistakes but these things just pop out of my head and my fingers do the dancing. To let it simmer would do my rants injustice, lol.

Focusing Internally, Rather Than Externally

These past few years, I’ve been so focused on manifesting my magick externally, rather than internally. Trying to visibly manifest entities, some sort  of external effect that can be replicated substantially.

I mean, I know magick words wonderfully internally but that chase to prove it externally has something that has been on every practitioners mind since the dawn of magick – to reach that new level, to finally put to sleep those lingering doubts, etc etc.

But while I was on this journey, certain bits of my life has been left unattended – which is normal for most of us, and for me as well but I am not getting any younger and my philosophy in life still stands and I will follow it till my dying breath.

an unexamined life is not worth living…..

So I must make the hard decision and move towards the future with what I have and not the potential of what I can achieve. I have to use the pragmatic and effective techniques, rather work with the showy experimental ones. I basically have to buckle down and get it done.

I write this, and actually mean it but life, spiced with magick, has a funny way of throwing chaos into the mix. As I write this, some of my external manifestations might bear fruit – who knows, lol.

So what does this mean? Nothing really will change; maybe take less clients, work more internal magick, experiment less, etc etc.

Sounds like less fun? I guess but living life is fun and the greatest high I can achieve so…I take from the universe, I give back to the universe.

C’est la vie.

06.01.2014 Project Updates

PERSONAL PRACTICE: Not really alot of new things going on, some stuff here and there that are new and exciting (secret projects, lol), more so alot of field work and alot of practical work. Just refining, and refining my techniques.

Been working on my lack of discipline, been getting better at it, don’t know how I lost my edge.

Have to work on my physical aspect, need to have better lower body flexibility. Thinking of working on some basic yoga then.

STUDIES: Been reading IIH again, some fiction and non-fictional books not exclusively related to magick (getting some inspiration), also been going through the Black Pullet Grimoire.

CONJURATIONS: Been working w/ the entities of the Black Pullet. 50/50 success so far.

MISC: Been busy w/ new ideas but nothing groundbreaking going…

Open Source Magick

You know, I like to contemplate on a lot of things, that’s what I primary do whenever I’m not actually doing practical magickings, and one of the thoughts that I happen to meditate on was the idea of revolution in magick and open source magick…

Personally, even though I see alot of material on magick in general these days, it’s just alot of the same things; this and that, named w/ a fancy name, fancy dressings, but the root fundamental of it all are the same things.

While we are in an era where information across the globe is easily accessible, we haven’t gone in the phase where we start refining this information into something solid and absolute.

I know it’s hard and there’s alot of issues; like social responsibilities, greed, secrecy, obligations, pride and ownership, etc. I completely understand though, I don’t wanna share all my hard earned secrets, things that I managed to understand after I put in the hours. I do understand that there’s a certain pride w/ being a master of a certain system.

I completely understand.

But with that said, where are the masters who are willing to put all that issues aside and just say “Fuck it, here are the fundamentals of this systems practice, feel free to analyze and make it better if possible.” Not even masters but just practitioners in general.

I know my attitude about this issue stems from my background in computers and the hacker movement but doesn’t the comparison seem the same? If we went open source already, we’d be churning out advancements in a couple of decades or so.

Think of the possibilities….

NOTE: Even as I wrote this article, I thought to myself, kinda hypocritical of me since I myself, has not released anything on this blog…We’ll, I used to but those posts were deleted since I restarted this blog. I will restart. :)