Should I Stay or Should I Go?!?


I’ve been unhappy at work recently. The gist of it is basically, overwork and underpaid. They told me alot of things that never occured; when it slow season, you can slack off as much as you want, you’ll get more money, life will be easier, etc etc.

Off season is almost done and it’s about to get busy again and I’ve been working like a dog this whole time. What sucks about it is that I can work any other minimum wage job out there and still almost get paid the same amount.

Etc etc.

I can bitch about it as much as I want, or do what I always do and do something about it….

So, as an exercise and to practice me geomancy – I cast some dice and asked the question; should I quit my job.

I interpreted the chart as I should quit my job and that everything is going to be ok even though the whole deal will be wrapped around with sadness.

What do you think? Did I interpret that right? How rusty is my geomancy reading, lol?


excerpt from WIkipedia…..

Kapres are said to dwell in big trees like acacias, mangoes, bamboo and banyan (known in the Philippines as balete). It is also mostly seen sitting under those trees. The Kapre is said to wear the indigenous Northern Philippine loincloth known as bahag, and according to some, often wears a belt which gives the kapre the ability to be invisible to humans. In some versions, the kapre is supposed to hold a magical white stone, a little smaller in size than a quail egg. Should any person happen to obtain this stone, the kapre could grant wishes.

Kapres are not necessarily considered to be evil, unlike the manananggal. Kapres may make contact with people to offer friendship, or if it is attracted to a woman. If a Kapre befriends any human, especially because of love, the Kapre will consistently follow its “love interest” throughout life. Also, if one is a friend of the Kapre then that person will have the ability to see it and if they were to sit on it then any other person would be able to see the huge entity.

Kapres are also said to play pranks on people, frequently making travelers become disoriented and lose their way in the mountains or in the woods. They are also believed to have the ability to confuse people even in their own familiar surroundings; for instance, someone who forgets that they are in their own garden or home is said to have been tricked by a Kapre. Reports of experiencing Kapre enchantment include that of witnessing rustling tree branches, even if the wind is not strong. Some more examples would be hearing loud laughter coming from an unseen being, witnessing lots of smoke from the top of a tree, seeing big fiery eyes during night time from a tree, as well as actually seeing a Kapre walking in forested areas. It is also believed that abundant fireflies in woody areas are the embers from the Kapre’s lit tobacco pipe.

This is also one of the more popular folk tales creatures from the Phillippines. As mentioned above, they are not necessarily evil and were mostly used to scare us kids to not running around in the dark.

TBH, I’ve never seen one or have heard anyone near me of seeing one or even coming close to being in a proximity of one but to be fair, if the stories are correct – these creatures are well equipped to be not seen by the naked eye.

Fantasy Or Magick?

One of the popular topics in the blog-o-sphere recently is the expectations in magick; is the upper echelon of magick similar to force like powers in a galaxy far far away or is it just simple probability shifting….

Anyway you put it – it is still pretty frakkin amazing!

I mean, c’mon, if you think about it – conscious probability shifting! That’s still pretty amazing in my book but I guess we are all used to that, lol.

Personally, I am in the spectrum of “anything can happen” sort of deal, especially in magick. To me, we are still in the golden age of magick where we are just about to make a push to evolve – everything before this time is prehistoric to me. (and this idea is a whole other post)

Especially these days in muggle/science land where breakthroughs are happening left right and center; Iron Man exoskeleton. Handicap people regaining their lost senses. Medicine that literally changes your body. Operations that can turn you into a women or man.

Who is to say that in the future, we won’t be able to achieve those abilities described in IIH or those other dusty tome? When did we become so close-minded about things? So what if we can’t, or anyone else for that matter, can’t perform those said “superpowers” right now? What about the future?

Remember, anything that a person in this world has thought of, eventually becomes a reality – either through “science”, or “magick”.

And that my friends, is fact.


So I decided to just do a whole run and continue my exploration of philippines mythical creatures…..I will only go through the ones I’ve heard of though. :)


Duwende are goblins, hobgoblins, elves or dwarfs (Spanish: duendegoblin, elf, charm” < “duen de (casa)“, owner of the house). They are little creatures who can provide good fortune or bad fate to humans.[1] In the Philippines, duwendes frequently live in houses, in trees, underground, termite like mound or hill, and in rural areas. They are known to be either good or mischievous, depending on how homeowners treat them. They usually come out at 12 noon for an hour and during the night. Filipinos always mutter words (“tabi-tabi po” or “bari-bari apo ma ka ilabas kami apo”) asking them to excuse themselves for bothering the Duwendes. Filipinos would leave food on the floor, so that the duwende residing (or guarding) the house would not be angry with them. They also take your things,and laugh at you when you try to find it. They give it back when they feel like it,or when you tell them to please give it back.

Like most fae type creatures, they are mischievous and can somewhat be dangerous if left alone. The little article up top pretty much surmises what the whole deal is with them so I will share some personal stories of them.

When you are a kid in the Philippines, you always hear stories about these things, especially for me since I live in the rural and urban parts of the Philippines. Don’t go into the grassy areas, always be polite to them, etc etc.

One of the first instances that I’ve “ran” into them are whenever I used to visit our grandma, I would always hear running in the roof, and my parents would always tell me it’s the duwendes causing mischief. I was a smart kid back then as well but I figured it was the truth, it didn’t sound like rat or small animal footsteps, it sounded like something bipedal, and it always sounded the same, and it always scurried the same way. The house was not a fancy house like up here in the western world so the probability of a small animal being stuck there was highly unlikely. For the longest time, I tried to catch them to no avail. For years, the same thing occurred.

The second time we ran into them was also in my grandmas. I think I mentioned here already how my grandma was basically “hexed” by these things, giving her a load of bad luck. It was also one of my most defining moments in magick where I met an “event” not easily explained by science or rationality. We had to get a healer to help her and set some protective amulets for us. Also the way the healer used divination to find out what was attacking her was something I will never forget.

The Duwende is prolly the most popular entity in the Philippines. It has probably single handedly permeated our culture. Everyone, and I mean everyone has stories about this creature.


There was a recent episode in “Grimm”, a TV show in the genre of urban fantasy’ish which focuses on folk tales and the entities that comes along it, and this episode focuses on one of the popular folk monsters in the Philippines, the Aswang (or aka TikTik).

In the show, the “Aswang” is a monster that likes to eat unborn babies from the belly of the pregnant wife – they do it to as a way to renew their life energy and achieve pseudo immortality.

In the folk tales told to us by the elders, Aswangs are just general term for monsters in the Philippines, and they are just monsters who follow their nature. Actually, while the modus operandi is the same in the TV show as it is in the folk tales, their actual appearance is quite different.

The monster that was portrayed in Grimm, we actually specifically call a Mananangal and for the most part, in our folk tradition, a demonic women who can separate her upper body from her lower torso, grow bat wings, and fly around seeking victims – their favorites are unborn babies.

This monster is so popular in the Philippines that someone actually tried to make a documentary out of it. Even in my family, there has been some talks that we’ve had run in against them (I’ve never met one TBH so I can’t verify if this is true or not).

As well, apparently, these is an island in the middle parts of the Philippines where they say is filled with all kinds of monsters like the one mentioned above. (Something I’ve hoped to stumble upon one of these days when I return down there).

Overall…..sleep tight. :)

03.02.2014 Project Updates

PERSONAL PRACTICE: Still studying, testing out techs here and there. Still not satisfied w/ my divination system though…I’m looking for a system that can tell me the things beyond the curtain, even a sliver or a hint can help me a long way. Right now, I am working w/ a modified pendulum and cartomancy systems.

STUDIES: Been reading Uncle Chuckies series on psychic. Interesting read.

DAILY PRACTICE: Been doing my daily energy work. Trying to accumulate more vital force as my client work has been killing me lately.

CONJURATIONS: I think I’ve made contact w/ my agathodaimon. Running some test to verify.

MISC: Client work has been tiring lately, my energy tanks are getting zapped.

Refocusing My Self

Month 2 of 2014 and it has been somewhat uneventful..Maybe because of the winter that is tedious and dragging..Maybe because the zest and charm of New Years has lost its’ charm..Maybe I am just slacking..

Well, whatever the reason is (most likely 3..) – I need to start a movin again; my goals, to refocus and simplify.

Firstly, what are the things I need to do daily…

  1. *ENERGY WORK: I need to be able to do this daily, at least 2-3x a day. Whenever I stop doing energy work, my energy level is in an all time low that I don’t make it late into the night.
  2. *CENTERING PRACTICE: I need to start doing this again..maybe void meditation or that centering tech I used to use. I need to do this because if I don’t, my daily muggle stress will slowly come at me.
  3. *CLIENT WORK: They did pay for a service, lol. Don’t get me wrong, I just wasn’t prepared to how much time I need to invest to help these people and these people came a knockin for help.
  4. DAILY RITES: Technically, I don’t have any daily rites at the moment.
  5. LUCID DREAMING: Not progressing at this but I want to keep at it.

The ones I will mainly focus on are the ones marked with an asterisk. The others can be worked on as necessary. I read enough blogs and forums that I don’t need to ready any more books on the subject matter (s). Now is the time to consolidate and solidify my practice, get it to 100% competency.

I don’t need to be the sorcerer that is multi traditioned and knows 100,000 techs, I want to be the sorcerer that knows 5 techs but can bust it out any time.