Reincarnation Small Talk

I was speaking to a Tibetan Buddhist colleague of mine (via Nepal) and we got to talking about his practice, the religion, the practitioners, etc, and how some foreigners get into it due to some misguided search of power….

He was saying that there really is no magickal point to it and one shouldn’t get into the religion in hopes of being able to levitate and such, that the point is spiritual development – nothing else.

What he said, it all made sense to me but mind you, in the back of my head, I was thinking perhaps he was just a follower and not someone who was really initiated into the religion. I mean granted, I would assume anyone who goes into something hoping to gain some sort of superpower is a bit….eccentric to say the least.

Then we got to talking about reincarnation and his views follows the general view on reincarnation. That’s when I hit a “huh” factor – I understand what he was saying but to me, there is no difference between reincarnation and magickal techniques in Buddhism – they all fall under that magick umbrella.

I couldn’t understand how someone could have such a high degree and deep understanding of reincarnation, yet not view magick as something realistic and plausible…..


Should I Stay or Should I Go?!?


I’ve been unhappy at work recently. The gist of it is basically, overwork and underpaid. They told me alot of things that never occured; when it slow season, you can slack off as much as you want, you’ll get more money, life will be easier, etc etc.

Off season is almost done and it’s about to get busy again and I’ve been working like a dog this whole time. What sucks about it is that I can work any other minimum wage job out there and still almost get paid the same amount.

Etc etc.

I can bitch about it as much as I want, or do what I always do and do something about it….

So, as an exercise and to practice me geomancy – I cast some dice and asked the question; should I quit my job.

I interpreted the chart as I should quit my job and that everything is going to be ok even though the whole deal will be wrapped around with sadness.

What do you think? Did I interpret that right? How rusty is my geomancy reading, lol?

Services Rendered Again

I went on hiatus a couple of months ago after finishing a couple of clients off but now I am back. No particular reason to my return, I’ve still been working w/ clients during my hiatus but those were the ones that really needed my help, and wasn’t really public about it either.

I figure I might as well officially, officially announce that I am back to taking more clients again. Feel free to contact me and if I can help you, I will.

P.S: “Service” section will be updated, again, and again, and again. :)

Psuedo Pop Kaos Magick Fiction

Lol, I had an nice, serious article brewing in my draft section about my thoughts on magick from back in the days and magick these days, and how different they are in power levels, l33tn355, etc when I saw Mikes recent post.

Kinda puts a nice, different, half empty half full glass, P.O.V at it.

Like I’ve totally stepped though the looking glass and has finally seen what the other side is looking at.


A Brief Moment Of Thanks

Before I head on to 2014, I would like to say a quick and brief thanks to…..

  • My family; they make me strive to be a better person and show them that from nothing, one can be something and achieve their dreams, no matter how far fetched it can be.
  • My friends; muggle and magickal, who have stuck by my craziness and occasionally pulled me down to earth, or drive me insane.
  • My band mates; it’s good to be back and as I promised, we will make it. ;)
  • My muses; from the internetz to the people who inspire me IRL – drink up!
  • My posse from NAP; Arzel, Nitika, Zoroel and Sabriel, etc. For always helping me when I needed it the most.
  • My spiritual allies; my HGA, my patrons, general spirits that have helped me out.
  • My unofficial gurus; keep on inspiring me with ideas that will push me beyond.
  • My groups; from my brothers at TOHO to the forums I frequent, and even some FB groups. Here’s to 2014!

Thank you.

(I’m sure I’ve missed someone or something…but you’d understand)