Demon of Slackerness

The demon of slackerness is probably the┬ápersonal demon that have haunted me since youth – I mean who doesn’t like to slack off, lol. I sure do and these past few months, I’ve been enthralled by this being. We all have our own personal demons, and we all fight it out with it everyday – some has managed to work with it, some has a battle royale with it everyday of their lives.

With this one, I fall in the latter category. It just feels so good…..

Not just magickal wise, in general life as well. I still did some of the stuff that I wanted but I didn’t feel very productive, that the stuff that I did, while productive, wasn’t enriching the goals that I’ve set for myself.

But slowly, I’ve started to awaken from my slumber.

NO MORE! (kudos to whoever will connect this as a Dr Who reference, lol)

Mind you, I do get in these slumps – I’m the type who’ll go at it full swing till it tires me out. I think I’ve just been “life achieving”/”experience point farming” for so long and so hard that I eventually just burnt out and needed to not do anything, but I’ve been in a slump for far too long IMHO.

So I’ve started working on my self again; stopped working for others as a magickal worker. These past few months, I’ve devoted so much time to others – some with great success and some with failures that I can’t even being to understand as to how it occurred. But I’ve closed shop and will not likely open for public service anytime soon.

I still have a lot of things to do but I’ve slowly started back at it. Started working out again, started writing, started reading, started doing my band things, reestablishing my current practice, reading up on materials.

Doing fun magick as it was meant to be for me, while achieving everything I want in life.

See ya space cowboys!



Sayonara EM Forums?

I haven’t been around the online magickal forums lately….Well, I only really dwell around a couple but one of my favorites, up to this point, has suddenly vanished.

I haven’t really caught up with all the details but WTH man?!?!?!

EM was one of the only forums I really enjoyed still, while there has been an onslaught of crap posters, there was still real practitioners in there who share their thoughts and knowledge. As well, it was pretty diverse and most threads will spin into something interesting.

Mind you, we still get the garbage post here and there. And sometimes, I wish the mods would be more strict or around more often. But overall, that was my online haunting place…and now it’s gone.

*unhappy face*

An Antagonist

You know what makes a great movie or a great novel? Some might say it’s the struggle of the protagonist, their journey, etc etc – but who do they come up against to reach that goal?

The Antagonist,

Without a great antagonist, there would be no source of struggle to overcome. Think of movies like Fight Club where the antagonist turned out eventually to be his own psyche. How would the movies turn out without Jack Torrence, Hannibal Lecter or even The Big Bad Wolf. What would Batman do without The Joker, Superman w/o Lex Luthor, Spidey Vs Carnage, etc.

So what makes a great antagonist then?

To sum it up, I believe that they never think they are the bad guys – that they think they are the good guys, and their belief and choices are the correct ones, and that anyone who stands in their way are the villains.

Why did I bring this little topic up then?

Yes, I brought it up because I think I’m an antagonist, that I pretty much fall into that stereotype. Some might point out that maybe I fall under the “anti-hero” clause but I disagree since anti-heroes tend to know they are doing the wrong things but justify the means with the ends.

I think that’s how I view my actions when performing magick and receiving the results of it from the universe; be it a small love spell, finance charm, or just general magick in general. I fully believe that I am right, and that my actions are correct, and that it should be done, and consequences be damn.

So really, what’s the difference between me and the bad guy, lol?

[EDIT] I should really let these rants simmer, I dislike spelling and grammar mistakes but these things just pop out of my head and my fingers do the dancing. To let it simmer would do my rants injustice, lol.

Wandering Shadow Self

Since I’ve upped my magick level years ago and has been in touch w/ my various guides, it has been reported to me that my “shadow” self seems to like to wander around people that I’ve worked with or clients whom I’ve had particularly close ties to.

I just brought it up since yesterday, a client of mine had a dream of Godzilla and he felt that it was me…lol. While I do a mean Godzilla impersonation, I can honestly say I’m not surprised.

Fuck, my shadow self has put on more air miles than I have…he’s been to parts of Europe, Australia, parts of Canada, US, UK…WTF?

Granted, the Godzilla bit is something new – I’ve heard that the most common form my shadow self takes is a lion. I’ve also heard that my shadow self is a little kinky with some (*high five*).

What kind of a degenerate is this guy?

I’ve done some work with my shadow self but I’ve actually never continued or has been granted formal introductions to it. I was especially intrigued with the idea of the type of perspective it will have.

I should really get back to that and see where it goes.