New Geomancy Toy



This is the new geomancy divining tool I’ve been playing around with for some time now.

My inspiration came from those Persian Geomantic Dices that I saw around online. I’ve used these dices before for dice divination but I never really stuck to them, much like I never stuck to Tarot, Cleromancy, Bibliography, Pendulum Dowsing & Mo Divination.

So when I was starting to look for a system of divination again, I wanted something that can deal w/ the microcosm and the macrocosm – something akin to the system of divination Taoism has –  and eventually, I came down to Geomancy since it complimented my Hermetics practice. However, I wasn’t too fond of the coin throwing and card method anymore so after some research – I found the Persian Geomancy Tool.

Immediately I thought of my dices so I went and dug them out of retirement, drilled some holes on some, fitted them through some metal wirings and started to consecrate. I’ve always dug dices since I started w/ Mo Divination but my problem w/ Mo is that our practice is soooo different, interpreting though a Hermetic lense was not easy.

I didn’t want the tools tied down to an entity so I went with elemental and akasha consecration for 7 days; I breath on it, took it with me everywhere, did my energy work and visualizations with it, etc.

Eventually, I decided to include the seals of my HGA and Agathodaimon to boost some effectiveness.

With this method, I find that the sky is the limit on how I can get interpretations; I can get Yes/No answers quickly, some general readings, some specific readings, detailed geomancy readings, etc.

It’s like a swiss army knife of divination. I am liking it very much.

P.S: The look is very nice too, very chaos magicky, lol.

03.02.2014 Project Updates

PERSONAL PRACTICE: Still studying, testing out techs here and there. Still not satisfied w/ my divination system though…I’m looking for a system that can tell me the things beyond the curtain, even a sliver or a hint can help me a long way. Right now, I am working w/ a modified pendulum and cartomancy systems.

STUDIES: Been reading Uncle Chuckies series on psychic. Interesting read.

DAILY PRACTICE: Been doing my daily energy work. Trying to accumulate more vital force as my client work has been killing me lately.

CONJURATIONS: I think I’ve made contact w/ my agathodaimon. Running some test to verify.

MISC: Client work has been tiring lately, my energy tanks are getting zapped.

02.02.2014 Project Updates

PERSONAL PRACTICE: Been working on my practice. Trying to slowly incorporate what I know and learned but simplifying it into simple and few techniques. For example, I’m starting to use the pentagram as a foundation of my practice, as well as a simple gesture similar to kuji kiri.

My goal in mind are few simple components that can be combined into greater effect.

IIH STUDIES: What I am doing above is in conjunction with what I need to do to reach my next IIH level.

DAILY PRACTICE: Nothing has changed but I am trying to incorporate lucid dreaming as a daily goal. So far, minimal success…

CONJURATIONS: Just working more closely w/ the entities of NAP.

MISC PROJECTS: Nothing really new, I’ve taken on a new client w/ an interesting issue that I hope I can resolve.

A Vision From Master Bardon

Many of you know by now, I’m not very good with settling for normalcy – I always want to push the limit of what I already have, evolve, think outside the box… I have this mindset as well with the arcana in general.

One of the ideas I’ve been tinkering around in my head was connecting with Master Franz Bardon. I’ve been playing around with this idea for awhile; I was inspired by a fellow forum member, my own inquisitive nature, and the principles and ideas of Chaos Magick.

I mean why not, we connect w/ gods, deities, entities, ancestors and what not – why couldn’t this be a viable approach to his system?

So a couple of nights ago, I decided to have a go at it.

It was a very freestyle approach, I basically asked that I be heard by Master Bardon and that he bless my endeavor.

I did my normal prep and spoke my request. I then make sure I make a “connection” then proceed to go into a zone where I am more open to messages from beyond. I then waited and meditated.

  • Soon after, I received “visions” of a desert, a dry afternoon desert.To explain this in movie like terms, the scene is like any western movie where they do a sweeping motion of the landscape.
  • Then the scene shifted focusing on the desert skies toward space where I lingered for abit. If you’ve ever seen the desert night sky, you know what I am talking about – so clear.
  • The scene shifted to me leaving a desert mountain like structures, heading for the open desert, and then towards the sun where I lingered the most. The scene with the sun was the most intense as it was blinding me and I could feel the desert sun on me.
  • I eventually disconnected when I received nothing new.

If I interpret that, I see the vision of desert as symbolically my journey towards initiation. Many a stories, especially of shamanistic nature, where a journey to initiation begins and ends in the desert like setting. I don’t think I need to explain the symbolism behind this.

Space for me, is the universe, everything, above and below, the akasha.

Then the scene of the desert to the sun, for me, symbolizes reaching the end and the beginning of some sort of Solar initiation.

Now that I think about it, plenty of ways to interpret this but for me, the key parts were my feelings during the vision. In no way did I feel any negativity during my vision, all positive energies so I think it is safe to deduce that I did receive blessings from Master Bardon, but now is up to me to do the work needed to succeed.

Also, I will continue to work w/ Master Bardon with the way I described above. I am working on having an official ritual though.

12.16.2013 Project Updates

Better late than never, I suppose…..

PERSONAL PRACTICE: This is something I want to get a handle of. From all of these years, while trying and testing every flavour/tradition/system of magick out there – I personally don’t have a repertoire of techniques I use, nothing stable that is. Basically, I’ve been getting by w/ the flavour of the month I was working with. I don’t really have a tried and tested and trusted technique/spell that I can use or fall back to when needed.

But with that said, where do I start?

IIH: Still reevaluating my progress. Honestly, I’m still in Step IV & V. I have some aspects of IV that I still need to work on and polish, while V is still a work in progress. I don’t mind taking my time w/ IIH since I know once I’ve completed it, I’ll be a more well rounded magi but it doesn’t hurt to strengthen what I’m already good at while slowly working on what I am weak at.

DAILY PRACTICE: Somewhat a daily occurrence now. Have to work on specifically having my practice to bolster my goals.

CONJURATIONS: Nothing really on the move…..yet.

MISC PROJECTS: Just trying not to break my vows for the retreat I’m on. [EDIT] Also found a Taoism lineage near my place, since Eastern Esotericism has been one of the main pulls that got me into magick in general – this is very, very tempting…..Either that or Tibetan or Zen Buddhism, since I now also have access to those if I do so desire.