TY Demons of the Black Pullet

This has been long overdue but I would like to say a personal thank you to the demons of the black pullet who has helped me with a certain issue of mine weeks ago. I meant to write this post of gratitude in this blog as well but have forgotten.

I really did appreciate what was done to make my life, a little bit easier, even though now – I pay the price for it.

C’est la vie. :)

06.01.2014 Project Updates

PERSONAL PRACTICE: Not really alot of new things going on, some stuff here and there that are new and exciting (secret projects, lol), more so alot of field work and alot of practical work. Just refining, and refining my techniques.

Been working on my lack of discipline, been getting better at it, don’t know how I lost my edge.

Have to work on my physical aspect, need to have better lower body flexibility. Thinking of working on some basic yoga then.

STUDIES: Been reading IIH again, some fiction and non-fictional books not exclusively related to magick (getting some inspiration), also been going through the Black Pullet Grimoire.

CONJURATIONS: Been working w/ the entities of the Black Pullet. 50/50 success so far.

MISC: Been busy w/ new ideas but nothing groundbreaking going…

Agents Of Seduction

I am starting a new project this month or so, to go along with the current projects I have running, which I have aptly dubbed “Agents Of Seduction” (or Club AOS, still undecided – thinking of making it super classy).

This project might initially look as “the lonely boys” clubhouse but I am looking at it in a different POV.

For me, I see it as a means to hold and gain power to protect the things you cherish the most, be it people or material items – it’s basically following the old muggle axiom it’s not what you know but who you know.”

As well, this project follows Bardons teaching of introspection – knowing thyself and building oneself to a better one.

Basically, I will be combining simple magickal and muggle tips that will enhance ones selves to achieve the means to gain what our hearts truly desire. Be it a companion that will travel with you through many adventures or contacts that will allow you to expand your endeavours. I will be using myself as a guinea pig to test out theories and techniques which I will share through this blog, whether it’s a failure or a success.

Be it a sorcerer or a simple 9-5 muggle, we’ve all struggled at one point in our lives connecting to others or had been dismayed at some point in our lives by others. This projects hopes to guide others to a new future, and hopefully a better one.

It all starts from within, which then expands outwards – thus affecting the world as we see fit.

05.04.2014 Project Updates

May The 4th be with you all!!!!! :D

PERSONAL PRACTICE: Been working much closer w/ geomancy as a divination system w/ those dices I’ve made.

Been kinda in a rut w/ IIH lately, the OOBE/Astral Projection technique is really not working for me…don’t know if I should cut my loses and move one or….The thing is, it’s a real step in IIH so if I skip that, then technically, I never will finish IIH. Wondering if I should just move on and hopefully, it doesn’t muck up my progress in IIH.

Been absorbing more Chthonic energies as well. Trying to beef up my that side of my practice, from conjurations to just general energy work.

CONJURATIONS: Conjuring Chthonic entities as of late; from various grimoires like the Goetia or some modern grimoires.

MISC: Getting some progress w/ a particular client. Much harder to do entity exorcism when the target is so far away…

New Geomancy Toy



This is the new geomancy divining tool I’ve been playing around with for some time now.

My inspiration came from those Persian Geomantic Dices that I saw around online. I’ve used these dices before for dice divination but I never really stuck to them, much like I never stuck to Tarot, Cleromancy, Bibliography, Pendulum Dowsing & Mo Divination.

So when I was starting to look for a system of divination again, I wanted something that can deal w/ the microcosm and the macrocosm – something akin to the system of divination Taoism has –  and eventually, I came down to Geomancy since it complimented my Hermetics practice. However, I wasn’t too fond of the coin throwing and card method anymore so after some research – I found the Persian Geomancy Tool.

Immediately I thought of my dices so I went and dug them out of retirement, drilled some holes on some, fitted them through some metal wirings and started to consecrate. I’ve always dug dices since I started w/ Mo Divination but my problem w/ Mo is that our practice is soooo different, interpreting though a Hermetic lense was not easy.

I didn’t want the tools tied down to an entity so I went with elemental and akasha consecration for 7 days; I breath on it, took it with me everywhere, did my energy work and visualizations with it, etc.

Eventually, I decided to include the seals of my HGA and Agathodaimon to boost some effectiveness.

With this method, I find that the sky is the limit on how I can get interpretations; I can get Yes/No answers quickly, some general readings, some specific readings, detailed geomancy readings, etc.

It’s like a swiss army knife of divination. I am liking it very much.

P.S: The look is very nice too, very chaos magicky, lol.

03.02.2014 Project Updates

PERSONAL PRACTICE: Still studying, testing out techs here and there. Still not satisfied w/ my divination system though…I’m looking for a system that can tell me the things beyond the curtain, even a sliver or a hint can help me a long way. Right now, I am working w/ a modified pendulum and cartomancy systems.

STUDIES: Been reading Uncle Chuckies series on psychic. Interesting read.

DAILY PRACTICE: Been doing my daily energy work. Trying to accumulate more vital force as my client work has been killing me lately.

CONJURATIONS: I think I’ve made contact w/ my agathodaimon. Running some test to verify.

MISC: Client work has been tiring lately, my energy tanks are getting zapped.

02.02.2014 Project Updates

PERSONAL PRACTICE: Been working on my practice. Trying to slowly incorporate what I know and learned but simplifying it into simple and few techniques. For example, I’m starting to use the pentagram as a foundation of my practice, as well as a simple gesture similar to kuji kiri.

My goal in mind are few simple components that can be combined into greater effect.

IIH STUDIES: What I am doing above is in conjunction with what I need to do to reach my next IIH level.

DAILY PRACTICE: Nothing has changed but I am trying to incorporate lucid dreaming as a daily goal. So far, minimal success…

CONJURATIONS: Just working more closely w/ the entities of NAP.

MISC PROJECTS: Nothing really new, I’ve taken on a new client w/ an interesting issue that I hope I can resolve.