I’ve seen this around the internet for abit but didn’t really think nothing of it, I mean for me, it just a bunch of people trying to make a construct, be it autonomous or not.

I just find the idea of it being a “subculture” intriguing, and as a sorcerer – i would like to see the efficacy of the technique

Ancestral Work

Ancestral Work seems to be the flavour of the season and I’ve been getting emails from various people and have seen some interesting threads about it online so here’s my 2 cents.

I for one am not interested in working with my ancestors and don’t have the call nor feel the need to do so. I am not interested in knowing them beyond the muggle way of things nor do I feel the need to utilize them for magickal favours.

Now, if you think about it – it’d be weird for me not to take advantage of this technique; my grandfathers were both touched w/ magick, one was an alleged sorcerer. As well, there has been stories that my other grandfather has been actively helping out our extended family down in the Philippines with some ghostly tricks here and there.

When I look at how people use this practice; what type of rituals they employ, what kind of things they request – you can easily tell who is doing it for material gains, and who is doing it for an actual devotional practice.

Personally, and these are shared by practitioners I know who have been at this type of work for quite some time now, I feel that a certain humbleness is needed, that some veneration and devotion should be utilized in this practice. Not because one heard that these guys are like the new genie in the bottles, more so the fact that you want to know or continue your line while keeping a connection with the past. These were your blood and have worked hard to continue the line forward and for the betterment of the family, I don’t think one should just do a half assed job at it. Getting favous though is a nice extra, kinda like when grandma gives you a gift.

If I were to create a ancestral practice; I’d probably just use it for connection, advice, and maybe for some imminent danger pre-warning. Not ask them to get me this, do that, etc. Like a spoiled little kid.

Now as to why I personally don’t utilized this practice, just a couple of reasons…

  • I just don’t see any practical application to it that I couldn’t do with the entities that I work with already. I already have my guides, I can work well with other entities, my sorcery skills is good enough to get me what I need. I just don’t see adding another tech in my toolbox, just for the sake of being part of the cool kids.
  • These are my family, it would be weird to ask them to do stuff for me that are not even close to being morally ok. They are Catholics and they do what Catholics do. Ancestral spirits don’t just forgot what they are, they’re not slave spirits at your beck and call.
  • I practice my devotion to them though my memories of them, and my actions and how they’ve influenced me. Everything that I do, everything that I achieve is all glory and praise to my immediate family and my extended family and my past ancestors.
  • I just want to leave them alone and let them watch over me, they’ve had it rough already taking care of us, lol. And if they really want to intervene, they can do so if it pleases them – I know, it has happened.
  • I don’t really feel the need to get to know my ancestors past my grandparents.
  • I’m pretty effed in the head. I don’t want them knowing what I’ve been up to, lol. I might get smacked around, this time magickal wise and it’ll prolly hurt.

Overall, call me a traditionalist or a moralist but these are your family, they deserve your utmost respect. Don’t be that piece of shit relative who only shows up to “borrow” money and never return it and never come back.

Do it for the right reasons.

Where Is My Next Step?

While I haven’t been actively practicing my sorcery as of late (I’ve started again but it has been a mission to jump back into the horse, as they would say), I still do my daily literary readings and an article from Kalagni popped at me.

Mind you, my ranting is in the same vein..but not so much.

I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been on somewhat of a rut – where I’ve achieved some level of proficiency in my system but has not gone down deep enough into the rabbit hole? I can achieve things but I can’t say that they’ve hit “supernatural” occultism level..more like things that can be achieved through certain genetic mutations or certain wiring of the synapses…more human evolution than magickal gifts of powers.

No Jedi Powers yet…

But who can blame me for wanting these things? Mages are all about passing the limits of reality but wait, nope – you can’t do this or that? We all read on those dusty grimoires demons appearing before you, showering you with wealth and concubines but now – nope, just stories and methapors.

Where is the limit of what we are able to achieve and not achieve, even though we are working with a paradigm where nothing is supposedly impossible…but that?!?!

I find it ridiculous, the premise of this thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as pragmatic and realistic (lol) as they come but why try to reach and achieve the impossible when we limit ourselves with so many rules already.

Even when I read through forums and I happen to come upon a totally sci-fi theory of magick, I keep an open mind, think it through, dissect and see the flaws or how it could happen, refine. I never throw an idea out, good or bad.

So my stance is that it most likely possible, but I am not skilled enough to achieve it. And that’s how I’ve been going at it. I’ve seen enough things in this world that science cannot explain so easily, I’ve met “things” that are not of this world anymore, things have happened to me that even to this day, I am not sure myself that happened.

With all of this word vomit, the one question – the question that nags me since the beginning still haunts me to this day – what is real?

So now, I suppose, the question is – where do I go now and how do I get there, or do I even bother to continue?

08.04.2014 Project Update

In general, training hasn’t been as regular as I’ve wanted it to be. Work has been taking up too much of my time and the end is nowhere in sight. But I need to keep at it so less complaining and more doing is what I really need to get done, lol.

Also, I’ve been tinkering w/ the idea of “buffing” myself. Buffing is a gaming term where you stack passive techs on yourself so when action time comes, you do your thing while the passive techs do their work. I think this is nothing new but in my practice, it will be. I was more of an active caster but now, I feel like buffing will work to my advantage and style.

With this new style in mind, I’ll have to work on my regime to incorporate this.

Demon of Slackerness

The demon of slackerness is probably the personal demon that have haunted me since youth – I mean who doesn’t like to slack off, lol. I sure do and these past few months, I’ve been enthralled by this being. We all have our own personal demons, and we all fight it out with it everyday – some has managed to work with it, some has a battle royale with it everyday of their lives.

With this one, I fall in the latter category. It just feels so good…..

Not just magickal wise, in general life as well. I still did some of the stuff that I wanted but I didn’t feel very productive, that the stuff that I did, while productive, wasn’t enriching the goals that I’ve set for myself.

But slowly, I’ve started to awaken from my slumber.

NO MORE! (kudos to whoever will connect this as a Dr Who reference, lol)

Mind you, I do get in these slumps – I’m the type who’ll go at it full swing till it tires me out. I think I’ve just been “life achieving”/”experience point farming” for so long and so hard that I eventually just burnt out and needed to not do anything, but I’ve been in a slump for far too long IMHO.

So I’ve started working on my self again; stopped working for others as a magickal worker. These past few months, I’ve devoted so much time to others – some with great success and some with failures that I can’t even being to understand as to how it occurred. But I’ve closed shop and will not likely open for public service anytime soon.

I still have a lot of things to do but I’ve slowly started back at it. Started working out again, started writing, started reading, started doing my band things, reestablishing my current practice, reading up on materials.

Doing fun magick as it was meant to be for me, while achieving everything I want in life.

See ya space cowboys!



Sayonara EM Forums?

I haven’t been around the online magickal forums lately….Well, I only really dwell around a couple but one of my favorites, up to this point, has suddenly vanished.


I haven’t really caught up with all the details but WTH man?!?!?!

EM was one of the only forums I really enjoyed still, while there has been an onslaught of crap posters, there was still real practitioners in there who share their thoughts and knowledge. As well, it was pretty diverse and most threads will spin into something interesting.

Mind you, we still get the garbage post here and there. And sometimes, I wish the mods would be more strict or around more often. But overall, that was my online haunting place…and now it’s gone.

*unhappy face*

TY Demons of the Black Pullet

This has been long overdue but I would like to say a personal thank you to the demons of the black pullet who has helped me with a certain issue of mine weeks ago. I meant to write this post of gratitude in this blog as well but have forgotten.

I really did appreciate what was done to make my life, a little bit easier, even though now – I pay the price for it.

C’est la vie. :)